Industriales’ Victory Overturned Due to Ineligible Bat Usage

Industriales’ Victory in Cuban Baseball League Invalidated Due to Ineligible Bat

Havana – In a surprising turn of events, Industriales’ victory in the II Elite League of Cuban Baseball on Saturday will not be reflected in the statistics. The National Baseball Commission has revealed that one of the players used an ineligible bat, rendering the win void.

Curious Results and an Ineligible Bat

The National Baseball Commission has provided an explanation for what transpired during the games on the same day. Artemisa defeated Santiago de Cuba 1×0, while Las Tunas knocked out Matanzas 11×0. These results mirror the events of the previous day.

The National Baseball Commission’s Report

The National Baseball Commission has released a statement regarding the incident. The game between Industriales and Sancti Spíritus, part of the II Elite Cuban Baseball League, has been declared invalid. This decision comes after it was discovered that a player from the capital team used an ineligible bat, which significantly impacted the final score (3×2).

Prompt Complaint and Evaluation

The management of the Sancti Spiritus team promptly lodged a complaint about the incident. They took immediate action by removing the bat and subjecting it to evaluation, all while the game continued. This course of action aligns with the official baseball rules.

Findings of the Specialists

Specialists examining the bat concluded that it does not appear on the list of permitted bats for the national series and the Elite League. Furthermore, the original seal on the bat had been removed in the contact area, though not on the handle. Additionally, the bat was found to be reinforced with a rubber grip that exceeds the established 18 inches, thereby altering the distance factor in ball connection.

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Consequences and Game Restart

In accordance with the event regulations, the player involved in the incident, Yoasnier Emilio Pérez, has been expelled from the match and will be ineligible to play in the upcoming game on Sunday. As the complaint from the Sancti Spiritus team proceeds, the game corresponding to Saturday will restart on Sunday from the moment the ineligible bat was used. The restart is scheduled for 1:30 pm. Thirty minutes after the conclusion of this restarted game, the day’s regular match will commence, consisting of seven innings.


The National Baseball Commission has taken swift action to address the use of an ineligible bat in the II Elite League of Cuban Baseball. The incident has invalidated Industriales’ victory and led to the rescheduling of the game. The commission remains committed to upholding the integrity of the sport.

National Baseball Commission

Havana, November 18, 2023


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  1. It’s disappointing to see Industriales’ victory being overturned due to ineligible bat usage. Fair play and adherence to regulations are essential for the integrity of any sport.

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