Iker Bravo’s Troubles Continue: Second Expulsion of the Season Puts Him Under Scrutiny

Iker Bravo’s Troubles Continue

Young footballer Iker Bravo finds himself in the spotlight once again as he receives his second expulsion of the season. After being discarded by Ral and running out of patience from Castile, Arbeloa agreed to give him a chance in the Youth A team with the mission of helping him recover.

Despite being only 18 years old, Iker Bravo showcases his talent with a remarkable goal in the Youth League!

However, Iker Bravo’s disciplinary issues resurface as he suffers another expulsion, marking his second of the season. The young forward received his first yellow card “for attempting to hit an opponent with his foot without the ball being in play or in dispute,” and immediately after, he protested to the referee, resulting in his second yellow card. This expulsion occurred in the 49th minute of the match, with the score tied at one, and it proved costly for Arbeloa Youth, who eventually lost 3-1 against Valladolid.

Despite his disappointing first season, Real Madrid still trusts Iker Bravo and has extended his loan for another year. Without Ral’s trust, the plan was for Bravo to gain momentum in the Juvenil A team. Initially, things looked promising as Arbeloa showed him unwavering confidence. Bravo started the first seven games, scoring three goals and providing an assist. Although he didn’t deliver the expected performance of a player of his caliber, there were glimpses of potential that inspired optimism.

Arbeloa’s Wake-Up Call

Iker Bravo’s first red card came on matchday five, on September 30, during a home game against Sanse. He received two yellow cards, leading to an early dismissal. The first yellow card was shown in the 70th minute “for confronting an opponent without insulting or threatening,” and the second came in the 91st minute “for a reckless tackle in the dispute for the ball.” This expulsion marked the beginning of Bravo’s current struggle in his sporting career.

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As a consequence of the red card, Bravo missed two games due to suspension against Rayo Majadahonda and due to injury against Adarve. He returned to the starting lineup against Alcorcón but failed to score in three consecutive games (Alcorcón, Braga, and Atlético), and his performance fell short of expectations. Arbeloa, without hesitation, benched Bravo after giving him several warnings. Bravo was a substitute in the matches against Amistad and in the return leg against Braga in the Youth League.

Second Red Card

After being benched for two matches, Iker Bravo regained his starting position against Valladolid. However, he once again missed the opportunity as he received his second expulsion of the season, leaving the white youth team with only ten players in the 49th minute of the game, with the score tied at one. The match ended in a 3-1 defeat for the whites. Iker Bravo’s star is dimming, and Arbeloa’s patience is wearing thin.


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  1. Iker Bravo’s recent expulsion raises questions about his ability to remain focused on the game, as this is already his second expulsion this season. It seems that he is under intense scrutiny to improve his on-field behavior.

  2. Iker Bravo’s repeated expulsions this season are raising serious concerns about his ability to control his emotions on the field. The scrutiny surrounding him is growing, and it’s essential for him to address these troubles if he wants to succeed in the future.

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