Honda to Supply Engines for Aston Martin in Formula 1 Starting 2026: Director of Engineering Shares Integration Progress

Aston Martin’s Partnership with Honda Marks a New Era for the Team

Right now, Aston Martin works closely with Mercedes as far as the power unit and other related components are concerned, but for months it has been known that Honda will become the British team’s engine supplier from 2026, which will elevate them to the status of an official team and not just another customer.

Integration of Honda into Aston Martin

Luca Furbatto, the engineering director of the green structure, recently explained in an interview for the team’s own website how the integration of Honda into the team is progressing. This integration has been a concern, especially considering Honda’s past experience with McLaren in the hybrid era. However, Furbatto dispelled any doubts and expressed his excitement about the collaboration.

“It has been extremely exciting since the announcement last May. We started the first face-to-face meetings with Honda immediately after the announcement and we are regularly updating,” said the Italian.

“As you can see, it is still early for them, but the 2026 engine is developing very fast,” he continued. “We are exchanging ideas and they respond incredibly positively. As we move forward, cooperation will accelerate because the deadlines will begin to become tighter and, thinking about some specific cases, they cannot advance alone.”

The Impact on Aston Martin’s Formula 1 Journey

Regarding the impact of the partnership between Aston Martin and Honda in Formula 1, Luca Furbatto admitted that it is a definitive step towards positioning themselves as strong contenders for the championship titles once the new technical and engine regulations come into effect in the 2026 season.

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“In the past, it has not been the case,” he said when asked if being an ‘official team’ is necessary to win the title, “but since the introduction of hybrid power units, only official teams have won the championship.”

Furbatto explained that being a customer of another manufacturer who is not directly related to them forces them to make design compromises to accommodate the German power units in their cars. However, this will change in 2026 with the introduction of Honda as their engine supplier.

“We are very happy with what we received from Mercedes, but in terms of the architecture of the car, we are partly managed by Mercedes since we received the dimensions of the power unit, gearbox, and rear. So, we have to more or less adapt our car design to what they provide us,” Furbatto explained.

“By 2026, with a Honda power unit and our own gearbox, we will be in control of our own destiny. If we wanted to take the next step towards victory, that’s what we had to do,” concluded Luca Furbatto.

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  1. This collaboration between Honda and Aston Martin in the Formula 1 arena is an exciting move. Looking forward to witnessing the progress and advancements resulting from this engine supply partnership.

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