Guaguas Volleyball Club Wins Spanish Super Cup in Thrilling Final


Guaguas Volleyball Club Wins Spain Supercup

The Guaguas Volleyball Club emerged as the champions of the Spain Supercup after a thrilling 3-2 victory against the Herce Group Río Duero Soria.

The Gran Canarian players faced setbacks in the first and fourth rounds of the match but managed to bounce back and secure their first national title of the season, as well as their third Super Cup. Their previous victories came in 1996 and 2021.

This triumph adds to the team’s recent success in winning the Iberian Cup, an international title.

The match took place at the Centro Insular de Deportes de Gran Canaria, where Guaguas initially took the lead over their Soria rivals with a score of 5-2. The Sorianos, however, closed the gap and turned the tables, winning the first set by a narrow margin of 23-25 (0-1).

The second set started evenly with a score of 6-6. However, Guaguas gradually pulled ahead, doubling their opponents’ points at 18-9, creating a significant advantage that would be difficult to overcome.

The visiting team quickly rallied, scoring four consecutive points, which prompted a timeout from Guaguas’ coach, Sergio Miguel Camarero (18-14). Despite this, the hosts maintained their advantage and claimed the set 25-20, leveling the match at 1-1.

In the third set, Guaguas once again took the lead in this closely contested battle for the national title (11-7). They continued to dominate, leading 18-13, and ultimately secured their second set victory with a score of 25-19 (2-1).

Soria surprised Guaguas

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  1. Congratulations to Guaguas Volleyball Club for their impressive win in the Spanish Super Cup final! It must have been an absolute nail-biter, and their victory truly showcases their talent and determination. Well done to the entire team on this thrilling achievement!

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