Granada Protest Against Refereeing Decisions in La Liga

Grenade Joins Protests Against Arbitrations in LALIGA EA Sports

The Grenade football club has become the latest team to voice their concerns over the controversial refereeing decisions that have been plaguing this season in LALIGA EA Sports. Following the recent controversies at Mestalla, the Nasrid team has officially lodged a complaint with the Technical Committee of Referees. According to reliable sources, the club is demanding an investigation into the alleged biased treatment they received. They are also requesting access to the audio recordings between García Verdura and the VOR room with Del Cerro Grande.

During their match against Valencia, Grenade fans were particularly outraged by two incidents. Firstly, the potential expulsion of Gabriel Paulista for a tackle on Lucas Boyé, and secondly, the penalty awarded by Torrente for a supposed foul on Hugo Duro, which many believe was a result of simulation.

Paco López’s Outburst at Mestalla

Paco López, the Granada coach, expressed his frustration in a post-match press conference, directing his anger towards referee García Verdura and VAR referee Del Cerro Grande. López exclaimed, “If you’re wondering how I feel, well, just imagine. I can’t say it out loud because I might face punishment, but it’s truly unbelievable. Seriously, the VAR referee, I don’t know if Granada CF has offended him in some way, but he seems to have a history of biased decisions.”

Paco López gives instructions to Uzuni during Valencia-Granada
Paco López gives instructions to Uzuni during Valencia-Granada (Photo: EFE)

“The tackle by Gabriel Paulista is beyond comprehension… it was a clear foul with both feet. But what is this? Such inconsistency in decision-making. The penalty awarded for Hugo Duro’s theatrics is laughable. Do you really give a penalty for that? There was absolutely no contact, it’s truly absurd. It may seem like an excuse because we are struggling at the bottom, but it needs to be said. We have endured a lot. I used to defend referees and the VAR, but enough is enough,” emphasized the frustrated coach.

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Granada primarily points fingers at the involvement of Del Cerro Grande in these controversial decisions, as highlighted by Paco López. Currently sitting second to last in LALIGA EA Sports with only six points from 12 games, the club believes that such refereeing only further complicates their already challenging situation.


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  1. It’s disheartening to see the game we love being marred by controversial refereeing decisions. Granada’s protest highlights the need for transparency and accountability to ensure fairness in La Liga matches. The authorities must address these concerns and work towards maintaining the integrity of the game.

  2. It’s disheartening to see protests against refereeing decisions in La Liga. While mistakes happen, it’s important for fans and players alike to remember that referees are only human. Let’s focus on supporting our teams and enjoying the beautiful game, rather than pointing fingers and fueling negativity.

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