Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Praises Usman Garuba’s Potential and Versatility

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The Excitement Surrounding Usman Garuba’s Debut with the Golden State Warriors

In a virtual meeting with international media, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming debut of Usman Garuba. Kerr compared Garuba to the likes of Draymond Green and Kevin Looney, highlighting his potential and versatility.

Usman Garuba talks on the bench with Chris Paul


Kerr acknowledged that Garuba may not possess the typical attributes teams look for, such as scoring ability or shooting prowess. However, he praised Garuba’s understanding of the game, his cutting and passing skills, and the positive impact he has on his teammates during training sessions. While Garuba will initially join the Santa Cruz Warriors, Golden State’s G-League team, Kerr expressed his excitement for the young player’s development.

As the architect of the Warriors’ successful dynasty, Kerr recognizes Garuba’s versatility and sees similarities between him and players like Draymond Green and Kevin Looney. Garuba’s rebounding ability and defensive versatility have earned him comparisons to these established NBA stars.

Kerr, almost 10 years with the Warriors

Darren Yamashita/LaPresse

During the meeting, Kerr also discussed the NBA Cup, a mid-season tournament set to begin soon. He expressed his support for the concept, drawing inspiration from Spanish football competitions like La Liga and the ACB Cup. Kerr believes that incorporating elements from other sports can enhance coaching and player development.

As a fan of Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola, Kerr finds inspiration in the football philosophy of possession and simplicity. He believes that teaching kids metaphors and highlights from other sports can have a positive impact on their basketball skills and understanding.

Looking forward to the NBA Cup, Kerr sees it as a unique and exciting opportunity for the league to create a different atmosphere with new courts and uniforms. He commends the league’s efforts in making this tournament a memorable experience for players and fans alike.

“When the Rockets let Garuba go, we went after him”

Steve Kerr, Warriors coach

Although the tournament will not involve a greater number of games – only those who play in the final will play one more, 83 – Kerr pointed out an important nuance: “We are going to be competitive, but our players are not going to play 45 minutes,” said the Golden State coach.

Steve Kerr insisted on the need to cut the regular season schedule. The NBA has not only maintained the number of games, but this campaign has imposed a restrictive policy to limit the rest of the stars, a rule that does not apply to players over the age of 35 years, so Stephen Curry is exempt from the change.

“A season of 73 matches, we need that extra rest, right now there are many games and the players train very hard. I think we could have a stronger product. “I love the new tournament, but I think there could be a more efficient schedule for everyone,” Kerr defended.

How long is Kerr with the Warriors?

Steve Kerr was asked about his long stay with the Warriors, whom he joined in 2014. The American ends his contract in 2024 but Golden State has the idea of ​​renewing him.

“They have given me the gift of coaching this team, it is something I really appreciate, being with this core of players together for almost a decade. I love these guys (especially referring to Curry, Green and Thompson). If they weren’t there, maybe I would have taken a sabbatical like Phil Jackson. I love these guys, this team, I’m not going anywhere, I want to continue coaching them these next few years, I love what I do,” Kerr highlighted.

Kerr, with Curry on the bench this past month


Kerr’s renewal, along with that of Klay Thompson which also ends the contract in 2024, is what remains for the Warriors to maintain the four emblems of the four rings with the continuity of Curry and Green assured until 2026. Thompson’s extension is stalled, since the guard wants more than what the Warriors offer him with their salary bill at the limit.

The Gaza tragedy

Steve Kerr has always shown great sensitivity to the problems that affect the world, known for example for his stance against the scourge of shootings in the United States. The American coach spoke about what is happening in Gaza as his colleague already did Gregg Popovich:

“I feel great sadness for all the families and victims, starting of course with the massacre a few weeks ago, it is devastating. I think about the pain and suffering and, of course, so many people being killed in Gaza. “It’s devastating,” Kerr said.

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