Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos Discuss Their Projects and Personal Lives on ‘Joaquín, the rookie


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Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos: A Conversation on ‘Joaquín, the Rookie’

Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos were the esteemed guests on ‘Joaquín, the Rookie’, a popular program on Antena 3 hosted by the former Real Betis captain. In a relaxed and engaging conversation, the duo behind the innovative Kings League not only discussed their latest project but also reflected on their various collaborations since they first met in 2021.

Delving into Personal Matters

While the primary focus of the interview revolved around football and streaming, there was also ample time to explore more personal topics. In recent months, Gerard Piqué’s life has been under scrutiny following his separation from Shakira, and this subject was not overlooked during the conversation.

Piqué and Ibai on ‘Joaquín, the Rookie’

Antenna Capture 3

The host of the show, Joaquin Sanchez, acknowledged this aspect and did not hesitate to comment on it during the program. Aware of the controversy surrounding Piqué after Shakira’s public remarks, Joaquin cleverly incorporated some of the singer’s notable phrases into the interview.

Within minutes of the program’s start, Joaquin claimed that Piqué and Ibai had “started billing” shortly after they met, alluding to Shakira’s song lyrics about women making money. However, Gerard gracefully brushed off the reference and simply responded, stating that “when things are going well, well…”.

‘Joaquín, the Rookie’

Antenna Capture 3

Later on, Joaquin playfully returned to the topic, mentioning how Piqué was fortunate enough to not let the hatred he received in other areas affect him. He jokingly remarked, “we could say that it does not sting“. Gerard responded with a clever play on words, and the presenter defended himself, saying, “You’ve given me a hard time.”

At this point, Joaquin, together with his family, reflected on the situation, acknowledging that while Gerard may have taken it lightly, it undoubtedly affects him as a human being. The impact of the song extends beyond Gerard himself, affecting those around him as well.

Gerard Piqué Stars in ‘Joaquín, the Rookie’

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué, in ‘Joaquín, the Rookie’

Antenna Capture 3

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Finally, Joaquín Sánchez, after testing his skills in a balloon competition, defended himself from his defeat against his family. He humorously attributed his loss to Gerard Piqué’s experience, saying, “I didn’t lose clearly. I lost because he had played more than me.” This comment cleverly references Piqué’s current partner, Clara Chía.

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  1. I absolutely loved this article! Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos are not only incredibly talented in their respective fields, but also refreshingly open and honest about their projects and personal lives. It’s inspiring to see them openly discussing their journeys and sharing valuable insights. Kudos to ‘Joaquín, the rookie’ for this insightful interview!

  2. “An insightful conversation between Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos, shedding light on their dynamic projects and personal lives. A great read for those curious about their commitments outside the game.”

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