George Russell Confident in Mercedes’ Improved Performance and Design for 2024

Mercedes’ Encouraging Form Continues

Mercedes‍ is​ currently experiencing ⁢a positive period of form, with Lewis Hamilton finishing in second place in the last two races. However, his disqualification from ​the United‌ States⁣ GP has dampened the team’s recent ‍success.

Similarities to Last Year’s Promising ‍Performance

This recent form from⁢ Mercedes bears ‌resemblance to their performance last⁢ year, where they showed great promise in the same races. Notably,⁤ George Russell secured victory in the Brazilian GP.

Caution Over Mercedes’ ⁤Ultimate Potential

Despite ‌the team’s momentum⁤ in⁣ 2022, Mercedes has​ faced challenges in developing their current W14 car.⁣ As a result, there is some⁢ caution surrounding the team’s potential with their new 2024 design.

Russell’s Confidence in ‍Mercedes’ Progress

George Russell, however, believes that Mercedes is in a much better position compared to 12 ‌months ago. The ⁢team has learned from their ‌mistakes with the⁣ design ‌of their 2023 car, instilling confidence for the future.

George Russell, Mercedes-AMG

Photo by: Andy Hone / Motorsport Images

George⁤ Russell, Mercedes-AMG

A Different Approach to Car Improvements

Russell’s confidence stems from the team’s changed approach⁤ to processing the ⁤car’s improvements. With 12 more ‌months of​ information​ and direction, Mercedes has successfully ‌implemented ‍changes that have yielded positive results.

“We have been more ⁢thorough ⁤in evaluating ‌every‌ decision for 2024,” Russell explained. “Last season, the car was far from where we wanted it to be, and we rushed into ‍some decisions without proper testing and analysis of the consequences.”

“This year, we have ⁢focused on a clear direction and extensively tested ⁤our process.⁢ With two‍ years of experience, I ‌believe and hope that we won’t ‌be caught off guard next year. It doesn’t guarantee the fastest car,⁢ but‍ it means we won’t⁤ stumble at the first hurdle.”

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George Russell, Mercedes⁤ F1 W14

Photo by: Steve Etherington / Motorsport Images

George Russell, Mercedes F1 W14

Unfortunate Events Mask Russell’s Potential

Although Russell hasn’t experienced the same level ⁤of improvement as his teammate Lewis Hamilton, ⁢he believes⁣ his potential has been hindered​ by‌ various issues in recent⁢ races.

From the need‍ to save fuel in the United States Grand Prix ‌to problems with ⁣brake ⁢overheating in Mexico, Russell has faced limitations that have prevented him from⁤ showcasing his true potential.

“The last few races ⁤have been challenging⁣ due to different⁤ reasons,” Russell explained. “But I know that without these issues, the pace would​ be there. It’s just‌ been⁤ a couple of⁢ unfortunate events. So I’m looking forward to this weekend in ‌Brazil.”


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  1. It’s promising to hear George Russell’s confidence in Mercedes’ improved performance and design for 2024. Exciting times ahead for the team, can’t wait to see what they bring to the track!

  2. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Mercedes and George Russell. With confidence in their improved performance and design for 2024, it’s clear they are determined to stay at the top of their game. Can’t wait to witness their success! #F1

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