Gabriel Batistuta Scores Incredible Goal at 54 in Benefit Match

Gabriel Batistuta: The Phenomenal Goal at 54 Years Old

The former Argentine soccer player demonstrated his talent in a benefit match in Italy

Gabriel Omar Batistuta: A Legendary Scorer

Gabriel Omar Batistuta, one of the greatest scorers in Argentine football history, showcased his remarkable talent once again at the age of 54. Born in Reconquista, Santa Fe, Batistuta proved that his technical abilities, which distinguished him throughout his career, are still intact.

A Goal That Went Viral

During a charity match held at the Carlo Castellani stadium of FC Empoli in Italy, Batistuta participated as a member of one of the teams in the event called “Put your heart on the field for Tuscany.” The former striker stole the show with a sensational goal from outside the penalty area, capturing the attention of social media users worldwide.

Astonishing Skill and Admiration

In the 26th minute of the match, Batistuta received a pass and effortlessly placed the ball into the upper right corner of the net with a sublime touch of his right foot. The commentators were left in awe, exclaiming, “My mother! What a phenomenon. Thank you, Gabriel, how wonderful.”

A Hero’s Farewell

After the match, videos shared by the user @Flavio_Ognissan on social media showed Batistuta leaving the field, visibly fatigued, but receiving a tremendous ovation from the passionate fans in the audience.

Gabriel Batistuta participated in a charity match in Italy and received a moving ovation from the public

Battling Through Injuries

It is worth noting that Batistuta faced several ankle injuries throughout his career, which had a lasting impact on his daily life. He underwent a surgery that involved placing a prosthesis in his left ankle, hoping to alleviate the pain and regain mobility.

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A Life Devoted to Football

“I hope to be able to sit without pain and then walk, ski, or even play a little golf. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the pain,” Batistuta revealed in an interview with Fox Sports four years ago.

The Lingering Effects

Retirement did not bring relief from chronic ankle pain for Batistuta. He shared his struggles, saying, “I gave everything I had, and now I have nothing left. I couldn’t walk anymore, even just two days after quitting football. The pain was so severe that I even contemplated having my legs amputated.”

A Journey to Recovery

Fortunately, Batistuta found a treatment that involved ankle fixation, which helped alleviate his discomfort. Despite the challenges he faced, his passion for the sport and his determination to overcome adversity continue to inspire.


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  1. “Age is just a number for the legendary Gabriel Batistuta! His incredible goal at 54 in the benefit match is a testament to his immense talent and unwavering passion for the beautiful game. A true inspiration for football fans worldwide!”

  2. Wow, Gabriel Batistuta, at 54 years old, still showing us his incredible skills and scoring amazing goals. Truly a legend that never fails to impress.

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