From San Pedro Sula to the MLB: Mauricio Dubón’s Journey to Success

Sport Transcends Borders: Mauricio Dubón, the Best Athlete in the History of Honduras

Sport transcends borders, ignites passions, and nurtures dreams. In Honduras, soccer reigns supreme. In every corner of the country, children yearn to play ball. However, in every great story, there is always a character who defies conventions, breaks barriers, and becomes a hero.

Against all odds, Mauricio Dubón chose baseball as his passion and profession. He shattered traditions, demolished stereotypes, and achieved a title that no one could have imagined would be bestowed upon a baseball player. It is an undeniable reality: Mauricio Dubón is the greatest athlete in the history of Honduras.

Mauricio Dubón: Rising Above the Rest

Out of over a thousand players, Mauricio Dubón was chosen as the best in his field in the elite world of baseball. At the age of 29, he solidified his legendary status by winning the Golden Glove, the only accolade missing from his collection in the Big Leagues. His career began in his homeland, where he was always the “different” one who preferred the small ball.

The Houston Astros player is a shining example of resilience, perseverance, and unwavering determination. “Since I was a child, I dreamt of being signed by the Major Leagues, and it happened. Thank God I made it. But I’m not done yet. I want to debut in the Major Leagues, play for 20 or 22 years in the MLB. I dream of being the best, the first Honduran to reach the Hall of Fame,” said Dubón in 2013 after signing with the Boston Red Sox.

Mauricio Dubón dreamed of playing in the Major Leagues. With the Houston Astros, he won the World Series and a Gold Glove.

From San Pedro Sula to the Big Stage

Mauricio Dubón’s journey to becoming the best “Utility Player” in the American League has been a long one. It all began in the early 2000s when the young boy from Colvisula took his first steps on the diamond of Colonia Tara in San Pedro Sula.

While attending the Liceo Bilingüe Centroamericano, Dubón stood out in Sampedran minor baseball. He played in the defunct Roberto Valenzuela Minor League, first with Centauros and then with Marineros de La Lima. Before moving to the United States at the age of 15, he also played for Tiles.

A group of missionaries visiting Honduras discovered the young Honduran talent. They took him to Sacramento, California. Before that, Dubón made several attempts to be signed in Nicaragua but was rejected, mainly because he was considered too skinny.

Dubón grew up watching Atlanta Braves games, but his heart belonged to the Yankees. He idolized Derek Jeter, who excelled in the shortstop position. When he moved to California, he developed a fondness for the San Francisco Giants, where he admired Brandon Crawford, who later became his teammate.

Dubón’s journey in the Minor Leagues lasted only six years. At the age of 21, he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox, one of the most renowned teams in the history of American baseball. His debut in the Major Leagues came six years later, in July 2019, when he played for the Milwaukee Brewers franchise.

It didn’t take long for Mauricio to make his mark. Shortly after, the Giants, the team he had always supported, signed him. Although he was released in August of the same year, Dubón managed to establish himself in San Francisco as a versatile player. He seamlessly transitioned to different positions, showcasing his skills as both an infielder and an outfielder.

Astros: The Golden Chapter

In 2022, after three seasons in San Francisco, Mauricio Dubón was traded to the Houston Astros. He played a secondary role but managed to win the World Series at the end of the season. However, it was in 2023 that he truly shone. He improved in every aspect of his game. His batting reached new heights, making him the team’s top hitter. He also achieved a historic streak of 20 consecutive games with hits.

His defensive skills were also recognized. Dubón was nominated for the best second baseman in the American League, impressing even the most iconic names in the MLB, such as José Altuve. He consistently delivered outstanding defensive performances, earning praise for his countless “defensive gems,” as described by Ernesto Jerez.

Despite his remarkable achievements, Dubón humbly attributed his success to the trust and opportunities he received. “Although I have become stronger, my abilities have always been the same. It was just a matter of receiving more opportunities,” he said. Dusty Baker, his former baseball schoolmate in Sacramento and current manager, played a pivotal role in his development and helped him reach his prime in the MLB.

Playing Like Champions Every Day

Unlike soccer, where Hondurans have excelled the most, there have been few who have reached the highest international level in other sports, such as playing in the UEFA Champions League. In baseball, Mauricio Dubón has been part of the elite for five years and counting. He has already won a championship title and the most prestigious individual award.

To succeed in the MLB, one must bring their best every day. With an abundance of talented players, the competition is fierce, and one can easily be replaced. It requires exceptional defensive and offensive skills, as well as a standout IQ.

Playing in the MLB is like competing in the Champions League every day. For Dubón, representing Honduras in the Big Leagues has become routine. He has become the trailblazer for Honduran baseball players, giving them an idol to admire who is 100% homegrown.

Mauricio Dubón’s journey from a boy terrorizing his neighbors in Colvisula with his powerful hits, eating churros and fresh food for lunch at school, and walking for hours to attend training, to making a dream come true that everyone deemed

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  1. “Mauricio Dubón’s inspiring journey from San Pedro Sula to the MLB showcases the power of determination and talent. His success is not only a testament to his hard work, but also a source of pride for his hometown and a beacon of hope for aspiring baseball players. Congratulations, Mauricio!”

  2. “What an inspiring story! Mauricio Dubón’s journey from San Pedro Sula to the MLB is a testament to hard work, determination, and a never-give-up attitude. His success is well-deserved, and his story will surely motivate aspiring athletes around the world. Congrats, Mauricio!”

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