From Football Star to Rockstar: Eric Cantona’s Musical Journey

Eric Cantona: From Football Legend to Rockstar

Transformed into a figure of the history of world football, Eric Cantona’s impact goes beyond his numerous titles. Known for his temperamental and extroverted personality, Cantona made headlines for one of the wildest kicks ever recorded. It happened on the 25th of May, 1995, when Cantona confronted a Crystal Palace fan, Matthew Simmons, who had criticized him from the stands.

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Two years after this infamous incident, the French footballer retired professionally and embarked on a new career as a public figure. He appeared in advertising campaigns, made guest appearances on sports programs, and became the face of various sports brands.

However, at the age of 57, Cantona decided to fully embrace a hidden passion: singing. The former midfielder revealed four songs and wasted no time in announcing his upcoming tour, which concluded in October and sparked divided opinions among fans and experts.

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Under the name “Cantona canta Eric,” the retired footballer performed in different European cities, including Manchester, London, Dublin, Lyon, and Marseille. Describing his new rockstar persona, Cantona’s unique style was highlighted: “He wears an endless black suit reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, a small hat in the style of Bob Dylan, rebellious red tracksuit pants from his Manchester days, white shirts, and glasses. It’s a look that suits Elton John,” as detailed in his new content.

Eric Cantona presents his first EP “I’ll make my own heaven”

When it comes to his musical style, Cantona’s deep voice accompanied by a pianist and a violinist creates a melancholic and passionate atmosphere. He explains, “These songs always convey a contradiction between darkness and brightness. It’s an attempt to find the light at the end of the tunnel,” as revealed in a previous interview on France 5.

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“When you attend a Cantona concert, it’s more about the experience than the music itself. We prefer to see other things for the music. However, it’s still very good,” admitted a former football fanatic who attended one of Cantona’s shows. The performance was described as a visual representation of each song, with “slow steps, tragic poses, a hunched back, and a head raised towards a sky of spotlights.”

Eric Cantona performs in Manchester (Getty)

News of Cantona’s musical venture spread quickly, and the public eagerly awaited reviews from music experts.

“Under different circumstances, Eric Cantona would have received an enthusiastic applause from music lovers before being presented with the script by a concerned organizer, fearing the audience’s reaction,” commented Neil McCormick, a music critic for The Telegraph. Louis Chilton of The Independent also weighed in, stating, “The idea of losing oneself in the wormhole is lost.”

“I do this to be on stage and for the audience. That’s where I come alive,” Cantona confessed. He added, “On stage, I become a different person through interaction with the audience. The songs I write are for my women. They express my feelings, my emotions, my desires. It’s a very personal experience.”

Cantona, who cites Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits as musical influences, has released four official songs so far. His upcoming performances at the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris are scheduled for the 14th, 15th, and 16th of November.


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  1. “Eric Cantona’s transition from the football field to the music stage proves his incredible versatility as an artist. Cantona proves that talent knows no bounds, as he continues to captivate audiences with his new found passion for music. Truly a rockstar in every sense of the word.”

  2. “Eric Cantona’s transition from football star to rockstar is nothing short of extraordinary. Just like on the field, he brings passion, charisma, and a unique flair to his musical journey. Cantona continues to impress us with his versatility, proving that true talent knows no bounds.”

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