Friday 17 November: Exciting Soccer Matches to Watch Worldwide – Mexican National Team, Euro 2024 Qualifiers, Liga MX Femenil, and More!

A new day dawns with various tournaments taking place around the world. Starting from this Friday, November 17, there will be an abundance of football matches to watch. The Mexican national team will be playing in the World Cup qualifiers and the Euro 2024. Additionally, there are matches in the Liga MX Feminine and much more.

Here is a comprehensive guide for you to enjoy live soccer from the comfort of your home. We will provide information on which channels will broadcast the matches, the timings, and the teams playing on November 15.

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Who and at what time are they playing this Friday, November 17?

Early in the day, football matches will kick off on various fields around the world. Soccer is a sport that rarely rests, so whether it’s in the most exotic league or tournament, there is always something to see.

Please note that the mentioned schedules correspond to the Central Mexico time zone. Additionally, some channels may not be available in the country or require a subscription to access the content.

Concacaf Nations League

  • Honduras vs Mexico | 20:00 hrs | TUDN, Channel 5, Aztec 7
  • Montserrat vs Dominican Republic | 13:00 hrs | Concacaf GO
  • Bermuda vs Saint Vincent | 16:30 hrs | Concacaf GO
  • Barbados vs Nicaragua | 17:00 hrs | Concacaf GO
  • Jamaica vs Canada | 18:00 hrs | Concacaf GO

Euro 2024 qualifiers

  • Kazakhstan vs San Marino | 9:00 hrs | Sky Sports
  • Finland vs Northern Ireland | 11:00 hrs | Sky Sports
  • Moldova vs Albania | 11:00 hrs | Sky Sports
  • Italy vs Macedonia | 1:45 p.m. | Sky Sports
  • England vs Malta | 1:45 p.m. | Sky Sports
  • Denmark vs Slovenia | 1:45 p.m. | Sky Sports
  • Poland vs Czech Republic | 1:45 p.m. | Sky Sports
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U-17 World Cup

  • Poland vs Argentina | 3:00 hrs | VIX
  • Senegal vs Japan | 3:00 hrs | VIX
  • England vs Brazil | 6:00 hrs | TUDN, VIX
  • Iran vs New Caledonia | 6:00 hrs | VIX

Liga MX Femenil

  • Rayadas vs Tigres | 19:00 hrs | Vix

CAF World Cup Qualifiers

  • Ghana vs Madagascar | 10:00 hrs | FIFA+
  • Zambia vs Republic of the Congo | 10:00 hrs | FIFA+
  • Tunisia vs Santo Take | 10:00 hrs | FIFA+
  • Ivory Coast vs Seychelles | 10:00 hrs | FIFA+
  • Cameroon vs Mauritius | 10:00 hrs | FIFA+

Friendly match

  • River Plate vs Independiente | 18:00 hrs | Star+


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  1. “This weekend promises an action-packed soccer feast across the globe! From the thrilling Mexican National Team’s clash to the highly anticipated Euro 2024 Qualifiers and the passion-fueled games in Liga MX Femenil, soccer enthusiasts are in for a treat. Get ready to cheer and witness some exceptional skills on display!”

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