Francesco Bagnaia discusses Álvaro Bautista’s return to MotoGP and the challenges he faces

The MotoGP Champion Francesco Bagnaia Shares His Opinion on SBK Champion Álvaro Bautista

The MotoGP champion, Francesco Bagnaia, recently expressed his thoughts on the return of SBK champion Álvaro Bautista to the premier class after a five-year absence.

Bautista’s Initial Result Not Reflective of His Potential

Bautista’s 22nd position, finishing two and a half seconds behind the leader Álex Márquez, should not be considered as a true representation of his capabilities. Bagnaia believes that Bautista has much more to offer.

Bautista’s Motivation in MotoGP

Bagnaia suggests that Bautista’s main objective in MotoGP is to enjoy himself. Acknowledging the challenges of the premier class, Bagnaia believes that Bautista needs more time to adapt to the high pace and immediate speed required in MotoGP, as the dynamics and strategies differ significantly from SBK.

No Consultation Between Bagnaia and Bautista

Bagnaia reveals that Bautista has not sought his advice, neither during their time in Malaysia nor when Bautista tested the Ducati in Misano. Bagnaia perceives Bautista as an independent rider who aims to carve his own path and have fun in the process.

The Transition from SBK to MotoGP

When asked about the biggest change in transitioning from SBK to MotoGP, Bagnaia emphasizes the difficulty of adapting to the level of bikes, riders, and the differences between Michelin and Pirelli tires.

Bagnaia’s Perspective on His Battle with Martín

Bagnaia believes that he and Martín have shown the strongest race pace. However, he acknowledges the impressive performance of Alex Márquez, particularly in setting the fastest lap with the advantage of new tires. Bagnaia also mentions Binder’s significant improvement throughout the day.

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The Objective for Q2

Bagnaia’s clear objective for Q2 is to secure a spot on the front row. While the long straight allows for overtaking opportunities, starting from the front would be advantageous.

Always on the Attack

When asked about his approach for the weekend, Bagnaia confidently states that he will always be on the attack, maintaining his usual aggressive style.

A Different Championship Battle Compared to Last Year

Bagnaia reflects on the current championship battle, highlighting the differences from last year when he competed against Quartararo. He believes that this year’s competition is more dynamic and balanced since both riders have the same bikes and data.


2 Responses

  1. It’s great to see Álvaro Bautista back in MotoGP! Looking forward to witnessing the challenges he will overcome alongside Francesco Bagnaia. Exciting times ahead!

  2. It’s great to see Álvaro Bautista return to MotoGP! The challenges he faces might be tough, but with his experience and skills, I’m confident he’ll overcome them and make a strong comeback. Exciting times ahead for the MotoGP fans!

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