France registers the biggest victory in the history of qualifying for the European Championship or the World Cup


The French Team Achieves Historic Victory in Qualifying Match

‘Bleus’ Secure First Place and Seeded Position in Euro Cup Draw

France Dominates Gibraltar with Record-Breaking 14-0 Win

The French national team showcased their prowess and took full advantage of Gibraltar’s vulnerability, especially after they were reduced to ten men in the 18th minute. This extraordinary victory, with a scoreline of 14-0, not only sets a new record for the largest result in the history of qualifying matches for a Euro Cup or a World Cup, but also secures France’s first-place position and a seeded spot in the final phase of the Euro Cup.

Furthermore, this remarkable win also shattered several records for the French team. They surpassed their previous record of 10-0 against Azerbaijan in 1995, achieving the highest number of goals in a single match. Additionally, they broke the record for the most goals scored in a qualification for a European Championship, surpassing Germany’s 13-0 victory against San Marino in 2006. The French team also set a new record for the most goals scored in the first half, with seven goals, surpassing the previous mark of six goals in three games.

These records hold even greater significance when considering the data provided by Mr. Chip. With this resounding victory, France becomes the first European team to score 14 or more goals since Denmark achieved the feat in a friendly match against Iceland in 1967 (14-2). Moreover, such a wide margin of victory between two European teams has not been witnessed since the Germany-Russia match during the 1912 Olympic Games, which ended with a scoreline of 16-0.

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A Triumph Marked by Unprecedented Records

This historic triumph of the ‘Bleus’ will forever be etched in the history books, alongside the painful 17-1 defeat suffered against Denmark in 1908.

In addition to the team’s success, debutant Warran Zaire-Emery made his mark by scoring the third goal for the ‘bleus’. At the age of 17 years, 8 months, and 10 days, he became the youngest scorer in an official match wearing the France shirt.

As anticipated, coach Deschamps deployed a 4-2-3-1 formation, with the young attacker from Paris Saint Germain accompanying Rabiot in the center of the field. Up top, Coman, Griezmann, and Mbappé provided support to Thuram in their quest for goals.

The goals came swiftly, with two goals scored within just one minute. Santos scored an unfortunate own goal in the 3rd minute, followed by Coman taking advantage of a poor clearance by Coeling just a minute later.

In a flash, France rendered the defensive strategy of the modest Gibraltarians futile, as they faced the ten field players who formed two compact lines in front of their goalkeeper.

The game took a decisive turn in the 16th minute when debutant Warran Zaïre-Emery scored the third goal, resulting in a straight red card for Santos, who had fouled him. Unfortunately, the PSG youngster sustained an injury and had to be substituted.

From that point onwards, France’s goals flowed effortlessly, given the vast difference in quality between the two teams and France’s numerical advantage.

Mbappé converted a penalty, Clauss scored with a shot from outside the area, and Coman and Fofana added to the tally with well-crafted plays, bringing the scoreline to an impressive 7-0 at halftime. The scoreline could have been even higher if the French had been more clinical in their finishing.

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France entered the second half with the determination to break their own record. During the initial phase of the second half, the French team made some mistakes, and Gibraltar’s goalkeeper Coleing made some commendable saves, including a one-on-one against Griezmann.

Rabiot opened the scoring in


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  1. Wow, what an incredible achievement for France! Their record-breaking victory in qualifying for the European Championship or the World Cup is truly historic. This just goes to show the immense talent and determination of the French team. Congratulations to the players and the entire nation on this remarkable milestone!

  2. “Unleashing their dominance, France secures a triumphant milestone in qualifying for major tournaments. A monumental achievement that cements their exceptional prowess on the international football stage. Bravo, Les Bleus!”

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