Fabio Quartararo Penalized for Unbuckled Helmet in MotoGP Sprint

This Saturday in Malaysia: A Challenging Day for Fabio Quartararo

This anecdote serves as a reminder that some days are best spent in bed. For Fabio Quartararo, this Saturday in Malaysia was one of those days. Right from the start of the Sprint in Sepang, he felt off balance. However, even after the conclusion of this competition, which marked the end of the eighteenth round of the season, there was one more event awaiting him: a fine from the Race Direction.

Unfortunate Equipment Incidents for Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo seems to have a streak of bad luck with his equipment in his MotoGP career. From a suit that opened to a breastplate thrown during a race, and even a visor that came off during testing, his latest mishap involves helmets. This time, the 2021 World Champion in the category intervened.

Fabio Quartararo Reprimanded for Unbuckling Helmet

The Race Direction did not overlook Quartararo’s actions during the morning practice sessions. Moments before heading to the pit lane and while still on his bike, Quartararo took off his helmet, a maneuver strictly prohibited by FIM regulations. As a result, the Race Direction imposed a fine of 1,000 euros on Quartararo.

“The consequences of an unbuckled helmet in the event of an accident are obvious,” communicated the officials of FIM. Quartararo must now pay the financial penalty for his premature action, a habit he has had for a long time and one that he must now abandon.

MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix Sprint Results at Sepang:

Ranking credit: MotoGP.com

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  1. This penalty highlights the importance of safety protocols in MotoGP. Even a small mistake like an unbuckled helmet can have serious consequences. Kudos to the officials for upholding the rules to protect the riders’ well-being. #SafetyFirst #MotoGP

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