Exclusive Interview with Boris Becker: The Future of Professional Tennis

Boris Becker is the guest of L’Equipe Magazine which comes out tomorrow. As usual, Boum Boum drops a few bombs. He looks back on his life in prison, that of a coach and also on the decisive moment that professional tennis is currently experiencing.

The period we experienced with this Federer‐Nadal‐Djokovic rivalry will remain unique. And will not happen again. No one will ever win more than twenty Grand Slams in their career again. But there are young people with character and promise, we must give them time. They must develop and become men of responsibility. I’m not worried about them. Remember, when we said that Agassi and Sampras were at the top, we thought that nothing stronger would come behind. When I started, the same was said for Borg and McEnroe, and then I arrived, with Lendl, Edberg… There will always be successors but because of Roger, Novak and Rafa, the bar will be very high”

Published on Friday November 10, 2023 at 6:22 p.m.

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