Exciting Finish as Baskonia Claims Victory Over Partizan

Dusko Ivanovic’s Fourth Stage ⁤Starts with ⁣Victory

Baskonia 84‌ – 83 Partizan

End of ‌the Match in Buesa!!!!!


Chima misses the first shot…

The second ⁣one ⁤also failed… but there is no time for more!!!!!!


Moneke smiles, returning the gesture to Nunnally…


Chima will have to launch, because there is​ still time. A tenth.


4 tenths. Shouts of ‘Dusko, Dusko’

Marinkovic puts the ⁣ball in play… he receives Moneke, who is missing. It⁢ was from Leday.


Another ‍timeout. They are determined to maintain the tension until the very last moment.


Moneke is already celebrating the victory…


It is bottom for Baskonia, confirmed, with 4 tenths.


Obradovic asked for the challenge ​to see who touched that ball last…


They look for ⁤the ⁤tap up, but the play doesn’t⁢ work!!!!


Trifunovic puts it into play…


The entire Buesa Arena is packed, the fans on their feet for this last play of the game…

Match ‍Summary


Top scorer has been Chima⁢ Moneke, with 16 points to his name.

Markus Howard scored 14 points, 12 for Marinkovic, and 11 for Kotsar.


Looking at the statistics, captain Tadas⁣ Sedekerskis has been‍ the most valued player‍ with ​a PIR of 22, along with 14 points, 8 ‌rebounds, and 3 assists.


As expected, Chima ⁣Moneke has been designated as the best player of the match. His⁢ free throws have been decisive.


A tremendous match‌ that both teams have offered us, filled with maximum‍ emotion ⁢until the final moment. Baskonia, despite facing difficulties in the second half, showcased determination and​ character to secure the victory.

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Final Seconds Drama as Partizan Defends Against Baskonia

1.1 Seconds Left: Partizan’s‍ Last Stand

With only 1.1 seconds remaining on the clock, Partizan⁤ finds themselves in a crucial defensive situation. It’s time to give it their all and not let anything slip ⁢through!

Obradovic Calls Timeout

Feeling ​the pressure, ⁣coach Obradovic decides to call a timeout. This pause in the game allows the team to regroup ⁢and strategize their next move.

Moneke’s Heroic Shot: 84-83

Moneke delivers a stunning shot, scoring two points and bringing⁣ the score to 84-83. The crowd erupts in excitement as Partizan inches closer to victory.

Chima’s Clutch ​Shot: 83-83

Chima ⁢steps up and sinks a⁣ crucial shot, tying the game ‌at 83-83. The⁣ tension in the arena is ​palpable as both teams fight⁢ tooth and nail for the win.

Leday and Nunnally’s⁣ Defensive Efforts

Leday and Nunnally, determined to make Moneke doubt, continue to put pressure on the opposing team. Their defensive skills are‌ on full display as they strive to secure the victory.

Nunnally’s Communication and Time Adjustment

Nunnally takes advantage of the referees checking the monitor to discuss tactics with Chima. Meanwhile, the time is adjusted to 1.1 seconds, adding to the suspense ⁣of the game’s final moments.

Moneke’s ‌Crucial Moment

All eyes are on Moneke as the pressure mounts. The outcome of the⁢ game rests in his‍ hands, and failure is not an option.

The Clock Stops: Only 3 Tenths Remaining

The clock freezes with a mere 3 tenths of a second left. The tension reaches its peak as Partizan prepares for their last chance at victory.

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Moneke’s Game-Winning Opportunity

Chima Moneke ⁢finds herself in a game-defining moment. The hopes of the team ‍and the ​crowd rest on his shoulders as he prepares to make the winning⁤ play.

Codi’s Missed ⁣Shot: Moneke’s Determination

Codi attempts a three-pointer but fails to‌ score. However, Moneke grabs the rebound, displaying his determination ​and ​keeping the team’s hopes alive.

Markus Sets the Ball in Motion

Markus takes charge‍ and sets the ball in motion, initiating the team’s final offensive play. The crowd holds its breath, anticipating the outcome.

Baskonia’s Last Chance: Partizan’s ⁢Defensive Strategy

With 13 ⁤seconds remaining, Baskonia has a chance to secure a victory. Partizan must force difficult shots and defend with all‍ their might to prevent their opponents from scoring.

Baskonista Bench Timeout

The Baskonia bench calls for a timeout, taking ⁢a moment to regroup and discuss their strategy ‍for the crucial final seconds of the game.

Nunnally’s Clutch Shot: 82-83

Nunnally takes a shot and successfully scores, bringing the score to 82-83. The game hangs in the‌ balance as the clock stops at 13.2 seconds.

Nunnally’s And-One Play

Nunnally executes⁤ a skillful play, scoring while drawing a foul. The crowd erupts⁤ as the​ score becomes 82-82, and Nunnally prepares for the additional free throw.

Howard’s Missed Three-Pointer

Howard attempts a game-winning three-pointer but falls short. The tension in the arena is palpable as the ball fails to find‌ its mark.

Dusko’s Call for Composure

Coach Dusko calls for composure‍ and calmness in the team. With only 40 seconds⁤ remaining,‌ Partizan must stay focused and execute their game plan flawlessly.

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Leday’s Time Running Out: ⁤Stellar Defense

Leday ‌finds himself running out of time, but Partizan’s defense remains ⁣relentless. They showcase their defensive ⁣prowess once again, denying their opponents any easy opportunities.

Moneke’s Heroic Shot: 82-80

Markus Howard faces multiple defenders, but Moneke emerges as the⁢ hero, scoring⁣ a crucial basket. The ⁢score now stands ‌at 82-80, intensifying the battle for victory.

Exciting Basketball Match Ends in a Nail-Biting Finish

One Minute and Fifteen‍ Seconds Left

In a thrilling basketball​ match, with only one‍ minute and fifteen seconds‍ remaining on the clock, the tension was palpable.

Jaramaz’s Three-Pointer Ties the Game

Jaramaz, with nerves of steel, successfully made a three-point shot, tying the game at 80-80.

Stunning Steal and Score by Codi

In a⁤ remarkable display of skill, Codi stole the ball and effortlessly sank it into the hoop,⁣ bringing the score to 80-77.

Partizan’s Strategic Ball Movement

Partizan showcased their exceptional ball movement, effectively maneuvering past the‌ Buesa press.

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2 Responses

  1. What a thrilling end to the game! Baskonia showcased their determination and skills as they claimed a well-deserved victory over Partizan. The adrenaline rush throughout the match kept fans on the edge of their seats. Well done to both teams for putting on such an exciting show!

  2. What a thrilling match! Baskonia’s victory over Partizan had all the elements of an exciting finish. The teams displayed remarkable skill and determination, making this a nail-biting encounter until the very end. Kudos to both sides for putting on a fantastic show!

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