Exciting Draw as CD Numancia and UD San ​​Sebastián de los Reyes Share Points

CD Numancia and UD San Sebastián de los Reyes Share Points in Thrilling Draw

CD Numancia secured a 1-1 draw against UD San Sebastián de los Reyes in a highly competitive match at Los Pajaritos stadium. The game was evenly contested, with both teams displaying their attacking prowess and creating opportunities throughout. The deadlock was broken in the second half when Óscar de Frutos scored for Numancia, only for Binke to equalize for Sanse in the dying minutes of the game.

An Entertaining Battle of Tactics

The match proved to be a treat for the spectators, as both teams refused to play defensively and instead opted for an open and attacking style of play. Numancia took the lead through a well-executed corner kick, with Óscar de Frutos rising above the defense to head the ball into the net. However, Sanse fought back and found the equalizer when Binke converted a cross from the wing after an initial save by Numancia’s goalkeeper, Dorronsoro.

Strategic Approaches from Both Sides

As predicted by Javi Moreno, the match showcased the tactical acumen of both teams. Each side employed their own strategies to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents and gain an advantage. Numancia threatened Sanse’s goal on multiple occasions, with Rubén Sanchidrián and Carlos González coming close to scoring. Dorronsoro also made crucial saves to deny Sanse from taking the lead.

Numancia Takes the Lead, Sanse Fights Back

The second half continued in a similar fashion, with Sanse opting for a defensive setup and Numancia looking to extend their lead. Numancia’s persistence paid off when De Frutos scored his second goal of the game from a corner kick, showcasing his aerial prowess. However, Sanse refused to give up and made a substitution that proved to be fruitful. Just two minutes after the change, Binke found the back of the net, securing a valuable point for his team.

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A Late Equalizer Ends the Contest

With the scores level, both teams pushed for a winner, but ultimately, the result remained unchanged. The match ended with a 1-1 draw, leaving both teams with a share of the points.

Lineups and Cards

CD Numancia: Dorronsoro, Soler, Bonilla, De Frutos, Moustapha, Rubén, Lupu, Carlos González, Diamanka, Diego Royo, and Grande.

UD San Sebastián de los Reyes: Jagoba, Saúl, Luis Pareja, Mayorga, Miki, Juancho, Guille Perero, Luque, Macho, Binke, and Yael.

Referee: Jordi Serradelarga Serra (Catalan Committee)

Goals: 1-0 (Óscar de Frutos, 68′), 1-1 (Binke, 86′)

Attendance: 2,035 spectators


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  1. What a thrilling match! CD Numancia and UD San Sebastián de los Reyes put on an impressive display of skill and determination. The draw has definitely left fans hungry for more exciting encounters between these two teams.

  2. What an intense match! Both CD Numancia and UD San Sebastián de los Reyes put up a thrilling display of skill and determination, resulting in an exciting draw. Both teams showcased their abilities and made it impossible to predict the outcome until the very end. Kudos to both sides for sharing the points, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next clash on the field.

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