ES Torigni Unveils Full 2024 Roster with notable additions and departures

ES Torigni: Building a Strong Team for 2024

The ES Torigni cycling team is gearing up for the upcoming 2024 season. With a total of fifteen riders, including four reserves, the N2 formation is ready to take on the challenges ahead. The team has recently welcomed eight new members, with one notable addition from N1, Julien Jamot.

The 2024 Squad of ES Torigni:

Mathis Adam, 18 years old (UC Bricquebec Junior)

Maxime Adam, 20 years old (Team Bricquebec Cotentin)

Mattheo Bonneau, 20 years old

Scott Chauvin, 24 years old

Maxence Colombe, 19 years old (VC Vaulx-en-Velin)

Jack Dallyn, 21 years old

Cyprien Gilles, 23 years old

Théo Guéret, 23 years old (OCC Antibes-Alpes Maritimes)

Julien Jamot, 24 years old (VC Rouen 76)

Paul Lebatard, 21 years old (Team Bricquebec Cotentin)

Nicolas Malle, 25 years old

Alexandre Mouchel, 32 years old (Team Bricquebec Cotentin)

Cyrille Patoux, 38 years old

Emeric Quindry, 23 years old

Martin Sydonie, 21 years old (AC Cherbourg Cotentin)


Goulven Dauget Guérin, 19 years old

Yanis Pavic, 22 years old

Thibault Revert, 20 years old

Pierre Vignet, 22 years old

Main Departures:

Bertrand Lecoq (Moyon Percy Manche Normandie)

Camille Guérin

Antonin Héron

Arnaud Lesellier

Benjamin Martin

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  1. “Exciting times ahead for ES Torigni fans as the 2024 roster is revealed. Looking forward to seeing the impact of the notable additions, while bidding farewell to the departing players who have left their mark on the club. Best of luck to the team in the upcoming season!”

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