Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa: From Pressure to Success, A Rising Star Breaking Records in Brazilian Football

I don’t mind not scoring goals

“I don’t mind not scoring goals because I know things will get better naturally. I just need to keep my mind strong.” These words bear the signature of Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa (Taguatinga, 2006) after deciding that the time had come to say enough. The Brazilian star opened up in a very personal interview, one in which he wondered why he was compared to Pelé at his young age.

Two great goals from Endrick in Palmeiras’ comeback

“No one should feel sorry for me patting my head. Sometimes I wonder: why did so many media focus on me? I didn’t ask for this. There are situations that cross the line. ‘Ah, it’s the new Pelé.’ Man, no one is going to be Pelé, he is the king of football,” he explained to get rid of a pressure that is not advisable for any kid. The change has helped Endrick to loosen up mentally and football-wise. It has nothing to do with him being a stiff and crestfallen player who went three months without seeing a goalkeeper and that his coach, the Portuguese Abel Ferreira, had withdrawn his confidence to try to recover his best version after some extra-sports situations that had taken his focus away from his main objective.

Its most decisive version

As things are, the new version of Endrick has decided to assault the leadership. The Brazilian star gave the last victory to Palmeiras after rounding off the best week since he has been a footballer with another goal that helped his team achieve the three points. Endrick, who is property of Real Madrid and was called up for the first time to the senior team this week, scored the second goal of the game in the 58th minute with a good shot from outside the area.

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A prodigious physique: Endrick’s prodigious career that is already viral for its ferocity

The 17-year-old footballer has accumulated four goals in the last four games and there are now a total of nine that he has accumulated in the domestic championship. His magical performances continue day by day, and his last dance has helped his team to beat Botafogo in the classification. The young Brazilian has activated his unstoppable mode, which has helped him gain the total trust of his teammates and his coach, which has been reflected in the call of the Brazilian senior team.

On the hunt for Neymar

As things are, with this last goal, Endrick has become the only player aged 17 or younger to reach nine goals in the Brasileirao since 2009. The last one to reach that number before the age of 18 was Neymar with the Santos shirt, who reached 10 goals. Endrick’s precocity continues to break records, the 9 feels important and his quality has resurfaced at the most important moment of the season. The young pearl looks like another soccer player, one who will arrive at Real Madrid next July and he already has his mind set on his first call-up with the Brazilian national team.


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  1. “Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa’s journey from overcoming pressures to achieving remarkable success in Brazilian football is truly inspiring. Breaking records along the way, he has become a rising star, showcasing incredible talent and determination. A true testament to his abilities and an exciting prospect for the future of Brazilian football.”

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