Emilio Izaguirre reflects on historic matches against Mexico and offers advice to the Honduran National Team

Emilio Izaguirre: Honduras vs Mexico in the Concacaf Nations League 2023

Emilio Izaguirre: Honduras vs Mexico in the Concacaf Nations League 2023

Interview with Emilio Izaguirre

November 15, 2023

Emilio Izaguirre, the authorized voice to speak of the upcoming match between the Honduras team and Mexico in the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League 2023, shares his insights and memories. As the now sports director of Motagua, Izaguirre reflects on the significance of these matches and offers advice to the selected Catrachos.

Izaguirre recalls historic victories against Mexico, such as the 3-1 win in 2009 and the Aztecazo (1-2) in 2013. He emphasizes the importance of belief, hunger, and determination for the current team to succeed.

Your opinion on the Honduras-Mexico game?

Izaguirre reminisces about his own experiences playing against Mexico, highlighting the thrilling moments and the lessons he learned about rising from mistakes and facing any opponent with personality and conviction.

He expresses his faith in the current team, stating that if they believe in themselves and play with hunger and determination, they can compete against Mexico.

How did you approach one of those games when you were there and how do you think Honduras is going to approach it now?

Izaguirre discusses the mindset and approach they had when facing Mexico, emphasizing the importance of playing with personality, fearlessness, and unity as a team. He believes that the current team, under the guidance of Coach Rueda, has the potential to compete against anyone.

How did Rueda or Luis Fernando Suárez motivate you, what did they tell you?

Izaguirre recalls the motivation and guidance provided by coaches Rueda and Suárez, who emphasized the importance of defending and attacking as a team, playing with hunger and determination, and believing in themselves.

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If you had to give advice to this National Team, what would it be?

Izaguirre advises the current National Team to believe in themselves, represent Honduras with pride, and learn from the examples set by past players who have made history. He urges them to give their all on the field and leave nothing behind, knowing that they have the potential to achieve great things.

Do you give Honduras a chance to win?

Izaguirre believes that if the team plays as a cohesive unit, with courage and determination, they can make it difficult for Mexico. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork and unity, rather than focusing on individual superiority.

Is this Mexican National Team superior to the one you beat, is it equal or is it at a low level?

Izaguirre acknowledges the quality of the current Mexican National Team, with players competing in top leagues around the world. However, he believes that


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  1. “Emilio Izaguirre’s reflections on the historic matches against Mexico highlight his immense experience and invaluable advice for the Honduran National Team. His insights hold the key to unlocking future success, providing the team with a valuable roadmap to build upon. An inspiring read for both players and fans alike!”

  2. Emilio Izaguirre’s insight on the historic matches against Mexico is invaluable for the Honduran National Team. His experience and advice will surely help the team prepare for future encounters. Exciting times ahead for Honduran football!

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