Dodgers Target Aces and Shortstops in Off-Season Trade Deal

November 20, 2023

Dodgers Seek Solutions for Starting Pitching and Shortstop Positions

The Los Angeles Dodgers are actively searching for answers to their starting pitching and shortstop concerns. In an effort to address both areas, the team is considering a significant trade this offseason.

Possible Acquisition of Burnes and Adames

An executive from a Major League team recently revealed to Mark Feinsand of MLB.com that the Dodgers are contemplating a trade to acquire starting pitcher Corbin Burnes and Dominican shortstop Willy Adames from the Milwaukee Brewers. Notably, both players will become free agents after the upcoming season.

Burnes’ Contract Situation

During a recent appearance on the Foul Territory podcast, Burnes disclosed that he has not engaged in extension negotiations with the Brewers. He emphasized that both parties are aware of his impending free agency. Since winning the National League Cy Young Award in 2021, Burnes has maintained an impressive 2.93 ERA in 93 starts.

Adames’ Stellar Performance

Adames, who joined the Brewers via a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2021, has showcased his talent with an OPS+ of 111. Additionally, his exceptional defensive skills have earned him 26 outs above average, ranking him second among all qualifying shortstops over the past two seasons.

Dodgers’ Rotation and Shortstop Woes

The Dodgers’ pitching rotation has been a cause for concern even before the news of Clayton Kershaw’s absence for a significant portion of the 2024 season due to left shoulder surgery. Meanwhile, the team struggled with subpar production from their shortstops last year, with a .290 on-base percentage and a .663 OPS. Although Gavin Lux is a potential candidate for the position next year, his absence throughout 2023 due to a severe leg injury raises doubts about his readiness.

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  1. This article perfectly encapsulates the Dodgers’ aggressive approach to fortify their team during the off-season. By targeting aces and shortstops in their trade deal, they are clearly aiming for championship-level success. Exciting times ahead for Dodger fans!

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