Dillon Brooks Ready to Block LeBron James: The Showdown Between Rockets and Lakers

Dillon Brooks Confident in Facing LeBron James

In a highly anticipated match between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers, Dillon Brooks is ready to take on the challenge of guarding LeBron James. Despite referring to James as “old” in the previous playoff tie between the Grizzlies and the Lakers, Brooks remains unwavering in his determination to stop the basketball superstar.

Ready to Block

Brooks expresses his readiness to defend against James, acknowledging his opponent’s impressive shooting and overall performance. “I will always be in front of him to tire him out, to make the last quarter come soon for him,” Brooks confidently states in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

Embracing the Media

Having recently signed a lucrative four-year, $80 million contract with the Rockets, Brooks acknowledges his appreciation for using the media to express himself. However, he also shares his personal aversion to it, stating, “I feel like he (LeBron) controls the media. I don’t really like it. If I didn’t have to talk to you, I wouldn’t do it. I simply dedicate myself to playing basketball.”

A Strategic Approach

Brooks reveals his game plan against James, emphasizing his intention to physically challenge him whenever he positions himself on the post. He asserts, “Every time he’s planted on the post, I ‘hit’ him. And I’ll do just the same when he runs back. If he’s defending me, I want to attack him.” Brooks aims to execute this strategy throughout the game, focusing on securing a victory and maintaining the team’s winning streak.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)


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  1. “Can’t wait for this epic clash between the young and ferocious Dillon Brooks and the legendary LeBron James! It’ll be a showdown for the ages. Let the battle of skills and athleticism commence!”

  2. “Dillon Brooks’ confidence in going up against LeBron James is admirable. This Rockets vs. Lakers matchup is bound to be a thrilling showdown filled with amazing defensive plays and intense competition.”

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