Decision of the Huesca council on the operating and environmental licenses for the “EL ALCORAZ” Football Stadium

Huesca Council Takes Action Following Unfavorable Report

A recent report from the municipal technical services has prompted the Huesca council to make a significant decision. The council has issued a decree emphasizing the joint responsibility of both the project’s promoter and technical drafter to ensure compliance with all regulations. The decree also highlights the requirement for an operating license before the stadium can commence its activities. Additionally, it states that the corresponding environmental license for the entire facility must be processed beforehand.

Resolution by Luis Felipe

The resolution by Luis Felipe, the council’s representative, is divided into two parts. Firstly, it determines that the responsible declaration in economic matters submitted by SOCIEDAD DEPORTIVA HUESCA SAD for sporting activities in the “EL ALCORAZ” Soccer Stadium lacks the necessary documentation and therefore will not have legal effects. Consequently, the activity must cease in accordance with Law 11/2014 on Prevention and Environmental Protection of Aragon and Law 11/2005, which regulates shows, recreational activities, and public establishments in Aragon.

Environmental License and Project Requirements

Secondly, in order to commence the activity, an environmental license must be obtained for all planned activities within the stadium. The process for obtaining this license follows the procedure outlined in articles 75 to 80 of Law 11/2014 on Prevention and Environmental Protection of Aragon. Furthermore, a competent technician must prepare a project endorsed by their Professional Association, as stated in article 76, section 2. The entire installation must be included in the project within one month from the day following receipt of the resolution notification.

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To read the full decree issued on May 17, click here.


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  1. “Great to see the Huesca council prioritizing operating and environmental licenses for the ‘EL ALCORAZ’ Football Stadium. Ensuring proper compliance plays a crucial role in fostering sustainability and a safe environment for both fans and the community. Well done!”

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