David Ruiz Contemplates His Future: Honduras or United States

Football Player David Ruiz Faces Decision Between Honduras and the United States

October 1, 2023

Uncertain Future for David Ruiz

Football player David Ruiz has garnered attention for his exceptional performance with Inter Miami and his impending decision to represent either Honduras or the United States.

Despite his previous appearances for the Honduran U-20 World Cup team and the senior squad against Grenada, Ruiz’s future remains uncertain as he still has two more games to play before being exclusively tied to Honduras.

Insights from Pedro Nery, Founder of Future Soccer

Pedro Nery, the Brazilian founder of the football players agency Future Soccer, serves as David Ruiz’s representative. In an interview with Deporte Total USA, Nery shed light on the current situation faced by the player and his family.

“We are constantly in communication with David to make the best decisions for his career. He possesses great capabilities, and we believe it is crucial to remain focused on the project with Miami,” Nery stated.

Regarding the possibility of Ruiz leaving Inter Miami to pursue a career in European football, Nery expressed confidence in his abilities, saying, “Any player with David’s quality can eventually play in Europe, and we believe he has what it takes.”

Nery further added, “We have been in contact with European clubs, as we always are for all the players we represent. David is one of them.”

However, Nery emphasized that Ruiz has a strong bond with the Miami team, making his departure a challenging decision. “This season, our focus is on Inter Miami, but everything depends on the circumstances. David has dreams and a three-year contract with an additional two-year option,” Nery explained.

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Choosing Between Honduras and the United States

David Ruiz made his debut with the Honduras National Team at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium. However, his future remains undecided as there is also interest from the United States Federation.

“David holds sentimental value for both Honduras and the United States, making it a difficult decision for him. He must carefully consider and make the best choice,” Nery revealed.

Reflecting on Ruiz’s debut with Honduras, Nery expressed joy, stating, “It was an immense and exhilarating experience. David was thrilled to play in the stadium surrounded by passionate fans.”

When asked about the possibility of Ruiz representing Honduras in the 2026 World Cup on North American soil, Nery replied, “I envision him playing in the World Cup, but I cannot confirm whether it will be with Honduras or the United States at this moment. It is a decision that requires discussions with the player and the coaching staff. He has the opportunity with both Honduras and the United States.”

Nery clarified, “We are currently in talks with the coaching staff of both the Honduras and United States National Teams. It is a challenging decision, and we need to involve the player and his family. He is young, and we want him to feel at ease.”

Honduras is set to face the Cuban team on October 12 in the Dominican Republic and on the 15th at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, where David Ruiz could potentially be called up by coach Reinaldo Rueda.


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  1. It’s always tough to decide between two countries when your heart lies in both. But in the end, David Ruiz’s future will be shaped by his dreams and aspirations. Whether he chooses Honduras or the United States, I’m confident he’ll make the best decision for himself, his family, and his future success.

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