Cuauhtémoc Blanco Endorses Julián Quiñones for the Mexican National Team and Gives Advice on Handling Criticism


Cuauhtémoc Blanco: ‘I am very happy that Quiñones has become naturalized, he is an excellent player’ (1:34)

The former ‘Tri’ player praised the talent of Julián Quiñones and celebrated that he is available for Mexico. (1:34)

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Nov 16, 2023, 15:43 ET

The Mexican Legend Urges Quiñones to Stay Grounded

Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former player of Club América and the Mexican national team, has given his endorsement to Julian Quiñones to represent the Tricolor shirt. Blanco expressed his delight that the Mexican national team has acquired Quiñones, while also advising the striker to learn how to handle criticism without letting it affect him.

“For me, he is one of the best footballers. He possesses the desire to succeed, the hunger. You can see that he has immersed himself in the game, that he is in a good moment, and he should maintain that momentum. He must stay grounded,” said Blanco, who currently serves as the governor of Morelos.

“He should wear a diving suit to let criticism slide off him,” added one of the iconic figures of Club América, emphasizing the importance of Quiñones’ attitude following his official call-up to the Mexican national team.

In addition, Blanco acknowledged that Quiñones’ impressive individual performance has greatly benefited Club América, as the team has effectively utilized his skills, making him a key player in their attacking lineup.

“I wish him the best because he is an excellent player who has made a significant impact at Club América. The only problem is that the coach faces a difficult decision due to having three outstanding center forwards. It will be a challenging choice for the coach,” emphasized ‘Cuauh’.

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Despite his remarkable form, it appears unlikely that Quiñones will secure a spot in Jaime Lozano’s starting XI for the Mexican national team, according to a report by Mauricio Ymay of ESPN. Ymay shared that Lozano intends to field a lineup similar to the one used in the friendly match against Germany last October.

“Julián Quiñones is unlikely to start. He might get some minutes in the second half or have to wait for the game at the Azteca Stadium. The decision lies in choosing between Raúl or Santiago, or Henry Martín,” revealed Ymay from Tegucigalpa on Thursday.


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  1. It’s great to see Cuauhtémoc Blanco endorsing Julián Quiñones for the Mexican National Team. With his experience and expertise, Blanco’s advice on handling criticism will surely be invaluable for Quiñones. Exciting times ahead for Mexican football! ⚽️

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