Controversy Surrounding Shouts at Barranquilla Stadium: Was President Petro’s Daughter Targeted

The Controversial Incident at Estadio Metropolitano de Barranquilla

The 17th of November marked a significant event that ignited a national controversy. People gathered at the Estadio Metropolitano de Barranquilla to protest against President Gustavo Petro. The Jefe de Estado claimed that the protest was allegedly directed towards his underage daughter. However, there were other sectors that argued the “fuera Petro” chant was aimed at the politician himself, regardless of the presence of his daughter Antonella in the stadium.

A Message of Unity and Sportsmanship

Nicolás Alcocer Petro, a close associate of President Petro, shared a photo on social media showing the young girl attending the match between Millionaires and America of Cali in the La Liga Betplay finals. Alongside the image, Alcocer Petro wrote, “Let’s celebrate our football successes with the same passion as our parties, without resorting to unwarranted violence or poor behavior. We know that today’s football thrives in peace, and that should be our ideology. Te amo, mi chiquita” – expressing his love for Antonella.

Condemning Cowardice and Intolerance

The incident sparked outrage over the cowardice, intolerance, and lack of cultural sensitivity displayed by those who targeted a 15-year-old girl. The incident was captured on video, exposing the shameful behavior of some individuals. Recent comments from people in Barranquilla indicate that they do not support the actions taken against Petro’s family.

An Incident Unrelated to the Match

During the match between Millonarios and America of Cali, the young girl was able to enjoy the game without any incidents. It is clear that the incident occurred in Barranquilla and had no connection to the alleged intention of verbally attacking the attorney.

The publication of Nicolas Alcocer Petro. Photo of @nalcocer_petro in X | Photo: @nalcocer_petro

A Protest from the Stands

Various videos circulating online refute President Petro’s claim that the protest was directed at his daughter. The chants of “fuera Petro” originated from different sections of the enormous Barranquillero stadium, which can accommodate over 46,000 spectators. These images demonstrate that it is difficult for fans to associate themselves with a leader they oppose, but it is not an attack on his family or his daughter.

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Aggression Against a Minor

Representative María Fernanda Carrascal echoed the sentiment that the incident involved aggression towards an underage individual. President Petro expressed his outrage, stating, “My 15-year-old daughter was the one targeted at the Barranquilla stadium. They directed opposition chants at her, a minor. Cowards! We fail to understand the reasoning behind this. It is low, reprehensible, and petty to target the family of any politician, especially minors. What do they have to do with all of this?” Petro also highlighted the lack of condemnation within the stadium, where he previously won support, and criticized the deteriorating state of political discourse.


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  1. The alleged targeting of President Petro’s daughter at the Barranquilla Stadium raises serious concerns about the safety and respect afforded to public figures. This controversy demands a thorough investigation to ensure such incidents are not repeated in the future.

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