Controversial Plays Highlight América de Cali vs Medellín Match

America of Cali and Medellin Clash in Pascual Guerrero Stadium

The match between America of Cali and Medellin took place at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium, not only showcasing their skills on the field but also becoming the center of controversy during the first half.

Controversial Goal and VAR Decision

In the 7th minute, America took the lead with a goal from Kevin Andrade, assisted by Edwin Cardona. However, this goal sparked controversy as there were doubts about Cardona’s position. After a thorough review by the VAR, it was determined to be a legitimate goal, but questions still remained.

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  1. This intense match between América de Cali and Medellín showcased the true spirit of football, with controversial plays and edge-of-your-seat moments. Fans were left divided, proving once again how passion and rivalry can ignite the beautiful game.

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