Controversial Last Minute Summons: Yerry Mina Replaces Injured Santiago Arias in Colombian National Team

Yerry Mina Called Up to Colombian National Team for Eliminatorias Sudamericanas 2026

Yerry Mina, the talented central defender from Fiorentina in Italy, has been included in the Colombian National Team’s squad for the upcoming matches against Brazil and Paraguay. This call-up comes as a result of Santiago Arias’ injury, which has opened up an opportunity for Mina to showcase his skills on the international stage.

Controversy Surrounding Arias’ Replacement

Carlos Antonio Vélez, a prominent journalist, expressed his criticism of Arias’ inclusion in the squad. However, Vélez’s comments were met with a strong response from Yerry Mina, who penned a letter requesting to be considered as a replacement. This move was not well-received by Néstor Lorenzo, the coach of the Colombian National Team, who openly criticized Mina’s actions.

Vélez’s Reaction and Challenge to Lorenzo

Vélez took to Twitter to voice his discontent, questioning the decision-making process and expressing his frustration with the current state of affairs. He wrote, “What are we paying for… not only do we have destroyers leading the country, but in our most important football representation, we have a ‘genius’ who, when a full-back gets injured, calls up a central defender who has only played ONE MINUTE in the last two months.”

Despite his criticism, Vélez acknowledged that this selection is one of the more sensible choices made by the coaching staff throughout the Eliminatorias Sudamericanas. However, he continued to challenge Lorenzo, stating, “He (Lorenzo) knows he can call up whoever he wants, but he must win by playing well, something he has not done so far. Otherwise, this football administration will be deemed ineffective and incomplete. You will see!”


2 Responses

  1. It’s disappointing to see Santiago Arias injured, but Yerry Mina is a capable replacement for Colombia’s national team.

  2. The decision to replace injured Santiago Arias with Yerry Mina in the Colombian National Team has sparked controversy and raised eyebrows. Only time will tell if this last-minute summons was the right call or a risky gamble.

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