Controversial and Confrontational Match March Top 14 Clash Between Biarritz and Dax

Controversial Match Ends with US Dax’s Narrow Victory

It was a highly contentious match that unfolded on Friday evening in the Basque Country, marked by a fierce rivalry between the two teams. The Biarritz Olympique pitch hosted the tenth day of Top 14, where US Dax emerged as the ultimate winner with a close score of 21-22. However, the victory was overshadowed by the denouncement of the reception conditions for US Dax supporters.

Displeasure Over Reception Conditions

“I am immensely proud of all the individuals who contributed to the meticulous preparation for this match, which unfortunately took place under terrible conditions on a subpar pitch,” expressed Maxime Delonca, the hooker for US Dax. He further added, “We are a group of friends who made a solemn vow to come here and emerge victorious, as we were deeply dissatisfied with the actions of the club’s presidency and the authorities.”

A Victory for the Supporters

Delonca emphasized, “This victory is primarily dedicated to our loyal supporters. When I witness our fans, most of whom are senior citizens, enduring unfavorable conditions behind the posts, it is truly lamentable and scandalous. It is utterly disappointing that a president like Jean-Baptiste Aldigé of Biarritz would relegate our supporters to such a position.”

Tension Escalates Between the Clubs

In the hours leading up to the match, tensions escalated between the two clubs, resulting in a series of press releases posted on social media. Benjamin Gufflet, representing US Dax, expressed regret over the treatment of Dacquois supporters by Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque.

Dax’s Complaint to the LNR

Furthermore, Gufflet highlighted, “According to the Charter of Ethics and Conviviality established by the LNR, each Pro D2 club is obligated to provide 100 seats to the visiting club, with specific distribution as outlined in Article 1.2: 4 seats in the official stand, 10 seats in the central stand, and 86 seats in the stadium, including a minimum of 36 seated places. Despite multiple reminders from US Dax, Biarritz Olympique decided to allocate only 10 central seats, 10 side seats, and 100 standing places, which clearly violate the rules defined in the charter.”

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The head of the Landes club, who incidentally was a former manager of Biarritz, revealed that he had lodged a complaint with the LNR not only for the failure to adhere to the charter but also for a lack of values, sportsmanship, and camaraderie that rugby embodies. In response, Biarritz Olympique stated, “The BOPB club respects the charter of Dax. We have provided US Dax with 120 seats and are hosting representatives from the Dax town hall in the official forum.”

Moreover, the club directly targeted Benjamin Gufflet, accusing him of being “associated with the darkest hours in the history” of Biarritz Olympique, which had been under the leadership of Jean-Baptiste Aldigé for several years. As a result of this standoff, the elected officials from Dax town hall ultimately decided not to attend the match in solidarity with the Dacquois supporters and management team, as reported by Sud Ouest.

On the field, the match concluded with a narrow victory for US Dax, securing a 21-22 win thanks to a try scored after the end of regulation time.


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  1. “The highly anticipated clash between Biarritz and Dax certainly lived up to its controversial and confrontational reputation. A fiercely battled match that left fans on the edge of their seats. Emotions ran high, and tensions flared, making it a truly unforgettable encounter.”

  2. This high-intensity clash between Biarritz and Dax brought forth a sea of controversies and confrontations, making it a match to remember.

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