Concerns Arise Over the Impact of Changing Balls on Players’ Health

Players Concerned About Health Risks Due to Frequent Ball Changes

Yesterday, professional tennis player Zizou Bergs raised an important issue regarding the impact of frequent ball changes on players’ health. He expressed his concern about the need for players to constantly adapt to new balls and how this could potentially have negative consequences.

“In my opinion, there should be a consideration for the speed of the playing surface and the selection of a suitable ball. It is crucial to avoid pairing a slow hard court with balls that lose their bounce after just a few games.”

– Jiří Lehečka, Czech tennis champion

Building upon Bergs’ argument, Czech champion Jiří Lehečka takes it a step further by emphasizing the importance of choosing a ball that is specifically tailored to the speed of the playing surface. He believes that the combination of a mismatched ball and court surface can have severe consequences for players.

Lehečka stated, “In my opinion, one should at least consider the speed of the surface and then select a suitable ball. It is crucial to avoid having a slow hard court with balls that lose their bounce after just a few matches.”

Published on Sunday, October 1, 2023 at 12:12

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⏱ 19′ | Athletic controls the game after the goal. Rayo Vallecano presses high, but Valverde ‘s team appears comfortable with the ball and generates danger with arrivals from the wings.

⏱ 9′ | Intense match in San Mamés . Both teams seek to generate danger in the rival area, but find themselves with a solid defense in the first minutes.

⏱ 4′ | Good chance for Athletic after a cross from Yeray from the right. Guruzeta ‘s shot goes just over the top.

⏱ 1′ | The game begins in San Mamés !

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  1. The potential health consequences of changing balls in sports cannot be overlooked. It is crucial to prioritize player safety and thoroughly assess the impact before implementing any modifications.

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