Colón’s Dominant Performance Secures Crucial Victory and Playoff Spot

Colón came out to defend his First Team hierarchy with the voracity of an enraged bull, with the natural arrogance of a Wanchope Ábila with all the weight of his category dedicated to the attack to add the three points he needed before Workshops in an Elephant Graveyard so packed that the start of the game was delayed ten minutes so that the public could enter in its entirety. Precisely, it cost Damonte’s team less than that period of time to overcome the rival and get on track. the victory that It gave him life at least until the last date of the LPF Cup and, in addition, left him among the top four in zone A that are qualifying for the playoffs.

Colón had a fast, furious and forceful start against a completely asleep Córdoba team. The talent and inspiration of Botta plus the hierarchy and First Division power of Wanchope Ábila and the verticality of the midfielders Galván and Perlaza knocked out Talleres in eight minutes. First, with a great header assist from the 9 for the arrival of the Colombian. Immediately, the former Huracán and Boca scored a great goal so that Colón’s breathing space was much deeper.

Since then, At 8′, the match was defined, especially because Talleres did not give any sign of reaction and Sabalero did not lower its guard.. In fact, Wanchope failed to make it 3-0 due to a saving shot by Benávidez and then had another tremendous goal disallowed due to offside.

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Before finishing the first half, Colón’s 9 felt a puncture in the left adductor areahe signaled to Damonte and his replacement was expected at half-time, although the handsome Ramón was only assisted by the doctors and the complement came out to play. Not to be present but to continue being the protagonist, because He once again assisted with a header to make it 3-0: for kid Galván.

Colon it was a party. Because jThe final date will be played against Vélez with the same points as Gimnasia, but with a First Class aura.

The goals of Columbus’ triumph

Columbus – 12-11-2023

Galván’s header makes it 3-0 for Colón

Columbus – 12-11-2023

Great goal from Wanchope Ábila for Colón’s 2-0

Columbus – 12-11-2023

Perlaza made it 1-0 for Sabalero

“We are still alive”

Ramón Ábila, the famous Wanchope, showed that he has class and a First Class personality, because in addition to being fundamental in Colón’s three goals, he was the soul of the team. “We understood that it was a game that we had to play with our hearts as well as with football and we managed to do it quickly, make a difference from the start and then control the game so that what had happened to us the other time was not repeated, that we were winning 2 -0 and they tied us. It was a very important victory, a relief for us and for all these people. We are still alive,” said the 34-year-old forward.

Wanchope Ábila celebrates the 2-0 against Talleres: a great goal.

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The experience of the 9 allowed him to warn Colón’s coach about his muscle discomfort but also understand that he had to make the greatest effort to remain on the court in the second half to support the team with his craft. “Luckily since I arrived here I haven’t been injured, but you already have experience, you know yourself and I knew that you could have problems. I called out as a precaution but at half-time he was treated by the doctors and I realized that he was fine to continue,” he explained. the man who, with the 3-0 decreed, left the playing field cheered by the almost 40,000 Sabalero fans who maintain the hope of continuing in the First Division.

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  1. Colón’s outstanding performance not only secured a crucial victory but also guaranteed a well-deserved playoff spot. Their dominant display on the field was a clear testament to their dedication and talent. Congratulations to the team for their exceptional achievement!

  2. What a stellar performance by Colón! Their dominance in the game not only secured a crucial victory but also sealed their spot in the playoffs. A well-deserved achievement!

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