Coffee Race Lima: Exploring Specialty Cafés in the Capital on Two Wheels

The First Edition of Coffee Race Lima: A Celebration of Specialty Coffee Shops

In an effort to showcase the diverse offerings of specialty coffee shops in the capital city, the inaugural Coffee Race Lima took place. This free bike race allowed participants to explore the city while visiting cafes that serve high-quality coffee. Over 350 cyclists took part in the event, resulting in a significant 28% increase in sales for some of the 21 participating locations.

This year, the race has expanded to include 29 cafes located in various districts of Lima, such as Surco, Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro, and more. With this expansion, organizers anticipate an even larger turnout for the urban exploration event on Saturday, November 18.

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The Rules of Participation

To participate in the Coffee Race Lima, interested individuals must register at the following link: https://coffeeraceperu.hablacoffee.com/registro. After registering, participants must download and print their registration form, which they will need to present at the cafes they visit.

Participants have the freedom to create their own coffee shop route, starting from any location in Lima and at any time within the opening hours of the 29 participating establishments. The race will conclude at 5 p.m.

At each cafe visited, participants must request a signature or seal on their participation form. These forms must be submitted to the Cabina Lima cafeteria (Av. La Encalada 398, Surco) before 5 p.m. These signatures and seals will earn participants points, which will be used for a draw held at the end of the race. The draw will be broadcast live on the Instagram account: @coffeeracelima at 6:00 p.m.

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List of Participating Cafes

A total of 29 cafes are participating in the Coffee Race Lima. The main list includes 21 cafes that participants must visit to accumulate points, while the plus zone offers optional visits that grant additional points. Participants must complete the main list to make the additional points from the plus zone count.

Coffee Race details
Coffee Race details.

Score and Extra Points

Each point earned in the Coffee Race Lima corresponds to an opportunity in the draw, increasing participants’ chances of winning. The scoring system is as follows:

  • 1 point: By visiting a minimum of 8 cafes.
  • 2 points: By visiting a minimum of 15 coffee shops.
  • 3 points: For visiting all 21 cafes on the main list.

Additional points can be earned under the following conditions:

  • 1 additional point: By creating 8 featured stories on Instagram, showcasing 8 different coffee shops. Participants must tag @coffeeracelima and the respective cafes, and use the hashtag #coffeeracelima to be eligible for the additional point.
  • 1 additional point: Each visit to a cafe in the plus zone translates into extra points. Furthermore, if participants stop by BrewBird in Chaclacayo, the points earned in the plus zone will be doubled. It is important to note that to qualify for these points, participants must visit all 21 cafes on the main list.


For more information about the event, visit the Instagram account: @coffeeracelima or the website: https://coffeeraceperu.hablacoffee.com/


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  1. Great article! Love the idea of exploring specialty cafés in Lima on two wheels. Coffee and cycling, what a perfect combination! Can’t wait to try it out for myself.

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