Coach Goran Ivanisevic reflects on Novak Djokovic’s historic Grand Slam win and praises Carlos Alcaraz

Coach Goran Ivanisevic Offers Insights on Novak Djokovic’s Historic Win

As is tradition in Grand Slams, the coach of the winning tennis player stopped by for a press conference to offer his perspective on the last two weeks of competition. Goran Ivanisevic, coach of Novak Djokovic, discussed Djokovic’s achievement of becoming the greatest tennis player in history. While this was interesting, Ivanisevic didn’t shy away from taking a jab at those who doubted Djokovic’s abilities against Carlos Alcaraz.

Winning Without Good Results

Ivanisevic was never worried, despite Djokovic’s lack of brutal form and confidence. Monte Carlo and Rome were not the tournaments that counted. Grand Slams like the US Open are different and Djokovic had software in his head that allowed him to perform on such occasions. The motivation and hunger drove him to play incredible and intelligent tennis, which was evident in the match against Alcaraz. Ivanisevic stated that it was the end of what they started in Monte Carlo.

Djokovic’s Speech and the Team’s Support

Ivanisevic revealed that Djokovic is not easy to handle when things do not go according to plan. However, the team is there to uplift him and provide him with support. The road has not been easy, and there were certain things that Ivanisevic couldn’t discuss, but he remains proud of the team and Djokovic’s achievements.

The Goal of Winning Four Slams in One Year

When asked about Djokovic’s goal of winning all four Slams in one year, Ivanisevic stated that it was best to ask Djokovic himself. However, he expressed disappointment that Rafael Nadal could not participate and hoped that he could win one more Slam. While Djokovic has the opportunity to achieve the record, there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, Ivanisevic believes that Djokovic still has much left in his body.

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The Perfectionist

Ivanisevic described Djokovic as a perfectionist who is always striving to improve. He is proud of Djokovic’s growth, especially in the last two games. Ivanisevic received a surprise when he witnessed Djokovic not complaining, yelling or wasting energy on unnecessary things during the match against Alcaraz. Djokovic remains motivated to earn more titles and to keep his body in excellent shape.

The Match Against Alcaraz

Ivanisevic found it strange to see people in the newspapers stating that Alcaraz was the favorite against Djokovic. Ivanisevic pointed out that Djokovic had played in 33 Grand Slam finals and won 22 of them. While Alcaraz is amazing, he is not the favorite in a Grand Slam due to nerves and the high stakes. Djokovic plays on this and waits for his opponent’s legs and soul to give out before he decisively ends the match.

Carlos Alcaraz, Tennis’s Breath of Fresh Air

Ivanisevic had nothing but praise for Alcaraz. He commended the young tennis player for his politeness, joyfulness, and great performance. Alcaraz will be a big threat and dangerous on any surface. However, Ivanisevic stresses that Novak Djokovic is always present, and no one should bet against him.


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