Club Ourense Baloncesto secures thrilling victory against Betis Baloncesto in LEB Oro

The Ourense Baloncesto Club Secures a Thrilling Victory Against Betis Baloncesto

The Ourense Baloncesto Club achieved a remarkable triumph in their eighth match of the LEB Oro season, defeating Betis Baloncesto by a narrow margin of 84-83. The intense game took place at the Pazo dos Deportes Paco Paz.

A Competitive First Quarter

The first quarter saw the Ourense Basketball Club exhibit exceptional performance both offensively and defensively. This allowed them to gain an early advantage, forcing the visiting coach to call a timeout when the score stood at 20-15 with just 3 minutes remaining. Despite the restart, Betis failed to mount a comeback, allowing the locals to extend their lead to 24-18.

Betis Fights Back in the Second Quarter

The second quarter witnessed a resurgent Betis team, displaying greater efficiency in their offensive plays and gradually closing the gap on the scoreboard. Scoring became more challenging for COB, and Betis eventually took the lead after two impressive baskets under the basket. This prompted Félix, the Ourense coach, to call a timeout with the score at 34-36. However, the home team responded brilliantly, with Romaro Gill’s 2+1 play propelling them back into the lead at 44-43. The visiting bench had to call a timeout with just 2 minutes remaining. Both teams continued to exhibit exceptional basketball skills, and the first half concluded with a score of 49-46 in favor of Ourense.

A Hard-Fought Third Quarter

After the break, the visiting team emerged with renewed intensity, managing to overturn the score with a partial score of 3-10. In response, the Ourense bench called a timeout to halt Betis’ momentum. The match continued with both teams fiercely competing, refusing to back down. The visitors maintained a slight advantage of around 4 points, and the third quarter concluded with a score of 62-66.

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A Thrilling Final Quarter

The Ourense Basketball Club unleashed a storm in the last quarter, embarking on a 7-0 run that turned the game in their favor. Savignani, the Betis coach, had to call a timeout to regroup his team. As the minutes ticked away, the score remained neck and neck, with both teams exchanging baskets. However, two impressive offensive plays by Betis allowed them to regain the lead at 75-76, prompting Félix to call a timeout with 2.50 remaining. This crucial timeout revitalized the home team, and Unai Mendikote’s exceptional penetration actions, coupled with a crucial three-pointer, ignited the crowd and left Betis reeling. Betis had to call a timeout with just 3 points down and one possession remaining. The game came down to a Jordan Barnes triple attempt, but he missed, and the referees called a foul on the rebound. Betis had a chance to equalize from the free-throw line with only 0.70 seconds left. They successfully converted both free throws, but the game ended with the kickoff, sealing a thrilling victory for the Ourense Baloncesto Club. The ecstatic fans, who passionately supported their team throughout the game, were filled with joy.


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  1. What a nail-biter! Club Ourense Baloncesto showed incredible determination and skill to secure a thrilling victory against Betis Baloncesto in LEB Oro. The game was filled with intense moments and impressive plays from both teams. Congratulations to Club Ourense Baloncesto on their well-deserved win!

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