Club Atlético Monte Hermoso and El Nacional Secure Top Spots in Bahiense Hockey Association

Club Atlético Monte Hermoso and El Nacional Dominate Bahiense Hockey Association

In an impressive display of skill and determination, Club Atlético Monte Hermoso and El Nacional emerged as the top teams in the regular phase of the Bahiense Hockey Association. The women’s team, Monte Hermoso, and the men’s team, El Nacional, finished first in their respective competitions, securing a sporting advantage for the upcoming playoffs.

Monte Hermoso’s Dominance

Monte Hermoso showcased their prowess in the Primera division by defeating Villa Miter with a resounding 7-0 victory in the fourteenth round of the Gold Cup. Led by standout players Daiana Ackerley, Luisina Collazo, Lucía Alejo, Sabrina Martinez, Sol Ayala, and Josefina Ruiz, Monte Hermoso proved their superiority on the field.

El Nacional’s Triumph

Similarly, El Nacional demonstrated their strength by securing a convincing 5-0 win against Palihue in the men’s competition. Thomas Olguin, Juan Palacio, and Manuel Bossia were the standout performers for El Nacional, leading their team to victory.



  • Independiente 0 – S. Sportiva “A” 2 (Mercedes González and Josefina Sebastián)
  • Villa Miter 0 – Monte Hermoso 7 (Daiana Ackerley, Luisina Collazo, Lucía Alejo x2, Sabrina Martinez, Sol Ayala and Josefina Ruiz)
  • El Nacional “A” 0 – Universitario “A” 6 (Agustina Lértora x2, Martina Estévez, Valentina Abarzúa, Sofía Macchia and Guadalupe León)
  • Free: Pacific “A”


  • Date 9: Monte Hermoso 3 (Luisina Collazo x2 and Carola Dichiara) – Sportiva 1 (Ximena Garciandia)
  • Date 12: Pacifico “A” 3 – Sportiva “A” 1


  • Monte Hermoso: 31 points
  • University A: 27
  • S. Sportiva A: 24
  • Pacific A: 22
  • The National A: 14
  • Independent: 5
  • Villa Miter 3
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Semifinals: Monte Hermoso vs Pacífico A; Universitario A vs S. Sportiva A.


El Nacional dominated the Gentlemen’s Cup with a remarkable 5-0 victory against Palihue. Thomas Olguin, Juan Palacio, and Manuel Bossia were the key players for El Nacional, leading their team to a commanding win. Puerto Belgrano also showcased their skills with a 4-1 victory over Pacifico, thanks to goals from Francico Cañizares, Matias Leiva, and Cristian Tomei.


  • El Nacional: 29 points
  • University: 25
  • Puerto Belgrano: 16
  • Monte Hermoso: 9
  • Palihue: 7
  • Pacific: 5

Semifinals: El Nacional vs. Monte Hermoso, Universitario vs. Puerto Belgrano.

Silver and Bronze Cups

In the Silver and Bronze cups, the penultimate round of the regular stage took place:

Silver Cup

  • Tiro Federal vs Universitario “B”: They will play on 6/11
  • Puerto Belgrano “A” vs Sportiva “B”: They will play on 11/13
  • Argentino 3 (Pilar Ucedo, Guadalupe Moreno and Trinidad Hayez) – El Nacional “B” 1 (Milagros García Martínez)


  • Date 12: Federal Shot 1 (Julieta Zanetti) – Argentine 1 (Guadalupe Moreno). Spot bonus for Federal Shooting, victory in shoot out 1-0.
  • Date 12: Sportiva B 2 (Rocio Dibonaventura and Melany Hernández) – El Nacional B 3 (Itati Mendoza, Candela Gianpaoli and Candela Quintana)
  • Date 13: Universitario B 2 (Carmela Soccia and Úrsula Schetizner) – S. Sportiva “B” 2 (Valentina Payarola and Aldana Harris). Bonus point for S. Sportiva B, victory in shoot out: 4-2

Bronze Cup

  • Pacifico “B” 4 (Bárbara Pezzella x2, María Luz Suárez and Micaela Martínez) – Puerto Belgrano “B” 0
  • Universitario “C” 3 (Mora Diaz, Giuliana Liporace and Martina Fernández) – Sporting 1 (Magali González)
  • Palihue 4 (Manuela Caldironi, Teresa Dutari, Valeria González and Milagros Salas) – Union 1 (Lilen Chuliver)
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  • Date 12: University “C” 3 (Camila Urruti, Eugenia Arroquy and Cynthia Atela) – Pacific “B” 1 (María Luz Suárez)

NEXT DATE (15th) – November 11:

SILVER CUP: El Nacional “B” vs Puerto Belgrano; University “B” vs Argentine; S. Sportiva “B” vs. Tiro Federal.

BRONZE CUP: Puerto Belgrano B vs Palihue; Sporting vs Pacifico B; Union vs University C.


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  1. “Congratulations to Club Atlético Monte Hermoso and El Nacional for their impressive performances securing the top spots in the Bahiense Hockey Association. Their dedication and skill deserve recognition, and we look forward to seeing their continued success in the future.”

  2. “Congratulations to Club Atlético Monte Hermoso and El Nacional for their impressive performances in the Bahiense Hockey Association. Securing the top spots is a remarkable achievement, showcasing their talent and commitment. Best of luck to both teams in their upcoming endeavors!”

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