Club América and Viva Aerobus Unveil New Customized Team Aircraft

The Blue Club and Viva Aerobus Unveil New Team Transport

The partnership between Club America and Viva Aerobus has been solid for several years, and it continues to flourish in the ongoing Torneo Guard1anes 2021. As a testament to their fruitful association, the team has proudly revealed their new customized aircraft, which prominently features the team’s colors, shield, and the airline’s branding.

The unveiling of the aircraft, which took place during a flight, has generated an overwhelming response from the passionate fans of the blue and yellow team. The airplane, adorned with the vibrant characteristics of Club America and its iconic shield, quickly became a viral sensation in the past few hours.

While there is no official announcement from Club America regarding the new team transport, it is anticipated that the team will release a video in the coming hours, showcasing their impressive new aircraft to the world.

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  1. “Exciting collaboration between Club América and Viva Aerobus! This customized team aircraft is a fantastic way to showcase the unity and support between sports and aviation. Proud to see this unique partnership taking flight!”

  2. “Club América and Viva Aerobus take team branding to new heights with their impressive customized team aircraft. A true reflection of their partnership, this aircraft is set to soar high and represent the club’s success both on and off the field. Buckle up for an exciting journey ahead! #FlyingHigh”

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