CJ McCollum, Pelicans Player, Diagnosed with Second Pulmonary Collapse: Latest Update


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Nov 5, 2023, 7:55 p.m. ET

CJ McCollum Diagnosed with Collapsed Lung for Second Time

The New Orleans Pelicans have announced that shooting guard CJ McCollum has been diagnosed with a small pneumothorax in his right lung, marking the second occurrence in his career.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a pneumothorax is a condition where air leaks into the space between the lung and the chest wall, causing the lung to collapse partially or completely.

This is not the first time McCollum has faced a pneumothorax. He previously experienced it while playing for the Portland Trail Blazers in December 2021. Although he made a full recovery within 2½ weeks, he did not return to the court until three weeks later.

During that season, McCollum missed a total of 18 games. He made his comeback on January 17, 2022, and was later traded to the Pelicans three weeks after his return.

The Pelicans have stated that McCollum will undergo further testing in the next 48 hours to assess his healing progress, with updates to follow.

In the current season, McCollum has been performing well, averaging 21.7 points, 5.7 assists, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.5 steals in six games for the Pelicans, who have started the season with a 4-2 record.

New Orleans has already faced several absences early in the season, with Trey Murphy (left meniscus), Jose Alvarado (sprained right ankle), and Naji Marshall (contusion on the right knee) still sidelined. Additionally, Brandon Ingram missed three games due to tendonitis in his right knee but returned to action against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday.

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