Cienague native Arnovis Dalmero wins gold for Colombia in the men’s long jump

Cienaguero Arnovis Dalmero Secures Gold for Colombia in Men’s Long Jump at ​Pan American Games

In⁤ a remarkable⁢ feat, Cienaguero Arnovis Dalmero clinched the fifteenth gold medal‌ for Colombia‍ at the XIX Pan American Games of Santiago 2023. With an impressive jump of 8.08 meters, Dalmero emerged victorious ​in the final of the men’s‌ long jump.

Cuba Takes Silver‌ and ⁣Bronze

Cuba showcased its ⁤talent in the⁤ men’s⁤ long jump event, with⁣ Alejandro Parada and Maikel Vidal securing the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Both athletes achieved a commendable record of 8.01 ‌meters.

Colombia’s Success in⁤ Athletics

With Dalmero’s gold medal, Colombia continues to‍ excel in athletics at the Pan American Games. The‍ country has⁣ already claimed gold⁤ in the women’s long jump with⁤ Natalia Linares and silver in the discus throw with Mauricio Ortega.

Uruguayan Athlete Falls Short

Emiliano Lasa, a prominent athlete from Uruguay and one of Dalmero’s ​toughest competitors, finished‌ fourth in the final‌ with a⁣ jump of 8.0 meters. Lasa had previously won bronze in‍ the ⁢Pan American editions⁤ of Toronto‍ 2015 ‍and‍ Lima 2019.

Dalmero’s Remarkable⁣ Achievement

Hailing ⁤from the municipality of Ciénaga⁣ (Magdalena), Dalmero showcased his exceptional talent by achieving a jump of 8.08 meters on his second⁤ attempt. This outstanding performance crowned him as the new Pan American champion in the men’s long jump.

Exciting Athletics Events Ahead

The⁣ athletics events ⁣at Santiago 2023 continue‌ with⁤ the finals of the⁢ men’s‌ 5,000 meters and⁤ the 100 meters for both men ​and women. Additionally, the decathlon competitions and the semifinals of the women’s 100 meters hurdles will take place.

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Upcoming Events

On ‍Wednesday, the women’s ⁢hammer ⁢throw finals, 100 meters‍ hurdles, and 400 meters events will be held, along with the men’s 110 meters hurdles​ and 400 meters races.


The XIX Pan American Games of‌ Santiago 2023 continue‌ to captivate audiences with thrilling performances and remarkable achievements in athletics. Arnovis Dalmero’s gold medal in the ⁤men’s long jump adds to Colombia’s growing​ success in the competition.


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  1. “Congratulations to Arnovis Dalmero for bringing home the gold in the men’s long jump! A proud moment for Cienague and a remarkable achievement for Colombia. Well done!”

  2. Congratulations to Arnovis Dalmero, a true inspiration from Cienague! Winning gold for Colombia in the men’s long jump is an incredible achievement. May his success inspire more athletes from our native lands to strive for greatness on the international stage. Well done! 🥇🇨🇴

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