Chocó in the national games

Development of Athletes‍ in National ⁤Games

By José ​María Daza Sánchez

We cannot expect many positive results in the development of the participation of our‍ athletes in the National Games ⁤that are held in cities of the Coffee Region and the north of Valle del Cauca.

Choco Representation’s Performance

As of today,⁢ six days⁣ have already passed in⁢ the National Games. The Choco representation has had ⁢limited success so far, with boxing achieving a bronze medal. However, the women’s‌ handball team lost its first match and was disqualified, while the basketball team lost its first two⁤ games.

Lack⁣ of Information‍ and Support

Unfortunately, there is ‍a lack of⁤ information ⁢and support for the ⁤athletes. The journalistic representation is almost non-existent, with outdated websites and a lack of sports information. The⁢ responsibility for these shortcomings lies with the sports leaders, leagues, clubs, and the departmental administration.

Responsibility of Sports Leaders and Departmental ​Administration

The sports⁣ leaders, including leagues and clubs, must take‍ responsibility for their lack of support and preparation for the athletes. Many prioritize ⁣personal gain over the athletes’ needs.‍ Additionally, the ⁣departmental administration is ⁤also responsible⁤ for​ the‍ failure in⁢ sports. Despite proposing a budget of $13​ billion for preparation, only $4.3 billion has been allocated so ‍far,‌ with $1.6 billion still⁣ remaining.

Lack of Recognition and Support

The participants have not been informed about the recognition and rewards for ⁣obtaining a medal. Other departments, such as Antioquia and Valle, offer significant monetary rewards for gold ⁣medalists. However, Choco has‌ not provided such support, which may affect the motivation and ‍performance ‌of the athletes.

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Challenges Faced by Athletes

The athletes face numerous challenges, including lack‍ of facilities and resources. The absence of public transportation to the Olympic Village and the damage to the ⁣carbon track at the Aeroparque have hindered their​ training. Additionally, there is no feeding⁢ program ‍to support their nutrition and overall⁢ well-being.

Hope for the Future

Despite the current setbacks, there is hope for the future. The members of the canoeing, taekwondo, and athletics⁢ leagues show promise and potential for success.

A Call for‌ Action

It is crucial‍ for the new governor, Dr. Carolina Córdoba, to address the challenges faced by Choco’s athletes and prioritize the development of‍ sports and culture in the region.

God bless our‌ mistreated athletes. Dr. Carolina Córdoba,‌ our new governor, has a very big challenge,⁢ among others, with the sport and culture of Chocó.

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  1. “The article beautifully highlights the recognition and celebration of Chocó’s rich culture and talent in the national games. It’s incredibly inspiring to witness a region that has often been marginalized finally getting the recognition it deserves. Kudos to all the athletes and organizers for their dedication in showcasing Chocó’s sporting excellence on a national platform.”

  2. “Chocó’s participation in the national games is not only a testament to the province’s incredible athletic talent, but also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage. Rooting for Chocó and hoping their impressive performance inspires future generations of athletes from underrepresented areas!”

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