Chivas Player Alexis Vega Criticized for Reggaeton Song: What Happened

Chivas Player Alexis Vega Criticized for Singing Reggaeton Song

By Mediotiempo Editorial

Mexico City / October 31, 2023

Chivas player Alexis Vega faced criticism from fans after he was seen on social media singing a reggaeton song, following the team’s exit from the Querétaro match. The video sparked controversy among the red-and-white supporters.

What Did Alexis Vega Do?

Despite being reinstated to the first team of Chivas, Vega has not been considered active by coach Veljko Paunovic, resulting in him staying in Guadalajara. After finishing his daily training, Vega decided to record himself singing the song ‘Chimbiando’ by El Clooy from his car. This song was released only a couple of weeks ago, yet Vega already knew the lyrics.

Adding to the mystery, Vega accompanied the video with the message “Nobody knows,” which further fueled speculation among fans who are already dissatisfied with his performance at the club.

Fans Criticize Him

Aside from his football skills, Chivas fans criticized Vega, suggesting that he should focus more on making videos rather than playing professionally. Comments such as “He seems like a child seeking attention” and “This is how he impresses young girls he brings along” accompanied a video that is starting to go viral on social media.

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  1. It’s disappointing to see Alexis Vega receiving criticism for his Reggaeton song. Artists should be empowered to explore their creativity in different forms and genres, without facing unnecessary backlash. Let’s appreciate athletes’ talents both on and off the field.

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