Changes for Pablo Sabbag: A New Path for the Colombian Striker in Liga 1 Betsson

The Future of Football: Alianza Lima’s Struggle to Secure Pablo Sabbag

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In the first classic match of the year, Alianza Lima’s fans were eagerly awaiting a decisive goal from the team’s star player, Pablo Sabbag, in Liga 1 Betsson. The fans were even calculating how they could afford to secure his services, which were valued at a million dollars.

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Unfortunately, Sabbag had been sidelined due to an injury for several months. However, to the delight of Alianza Lima’s fans, the Colombian striker made a recovery just in time for the finals. Despite his return, he couldn’t do much against the superior performance of their rival, Universitario de Deportes, both at the Monumental and Matute stadiums.

To shed light on the contractual situation of Pablo Sabbag with Alianza Lima, we reached out to Carlos Mario Zuluaga, the president of La Equidad.

Interview with Carlos Mario Zuluaga

-What do we know about the contractual situation of Pablo Sabbag with Alianza Lima?

Zuluaga responded, “We are not aware of the current situation with the player. Our contacts at Alianza Lima have not provided any updates, and we hope that the situation will be resolved by November 15.”

-Have you received any communication from Alianza Lima regarding Sabbag’s future with the club?

Zuluaga stated, “As of now, we have not received any communication from Alianza Lima regarding their intention to continue with Sabbag. However, there are offers and possibilities for Sabbag, both within and outside of Colombia.”

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-Do you think Alianza Lima might prioritize keeping Sabbag if they win the title?

Zuluaga replied, “Certainly, Alianza Lima has the priority to retain Sabbag because of their existing agreement. However, Alianza Lima has not made any official statements yet. We are simply waiting for them to communicate with us and make the necessary decisions.”

-When does Sabbag’s contract with Alianza Lima expire?

Zuluaga confirmed, “His contract with Alianza Lima is set to expire on November 15.”


Mauricio Larirera already Alianza Lima

-Does Pablo Sabbag know about the offers he has received?

Zuluaga assured, “There are no secrets between La Equidad and the player. La Equidad is a different club that maintains open communication with its players.”

-Considering Sabbag’s previous injuries, how did you assess his performance at Alianza Lima?

Zuluaga expressed, “We know who Pablo Sabbag is and what he is capable of. Despite the setbacks, he has shown great potential and the ability to adapt. He is a remarkable individual who can make a significant impact on the field.”

-Do you believe Alianza Lima mishandled Sabbag’s situation?

Zuluaga concluded, “It is not for us to judge. However, if there were any missteps, it is crucial to address them promptly and avoid further complications.”


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