Celia Gery Takes Third Place in the First Junior Women’s Cyclo-Cross World Cup

This time, Célia Gery did not have the last word against Cat Ferguson. This Sunday, in Troyes (Aube), the Briton won during the first round of the Cyclo-cross World Cup in the Junior Women category, while the Ardéchoise had to settle for 3rd place (see ranking). DirectVelo collected the reaction of the European Champion of the discipline after the finish.

DirectVelo: Isn’t it strange for you not to win?
Célia Gery: No because I knew that the girls in front of me were very strong. I’m not necessarily disappointed with my race even if I made a few mistakes. I had a very good start, as usual, then I had a problem with the derailleur. I didn’t manage to put it back in place properly, I had to continue like that until the station. I lost a little time. After that, I did the elastic to come back. I made a few technical errors trying to come back. I was disappointed in myself on certain portions like the hill, which I knew I could pass by bike. I didn’t have my best legs but it wasn’t too bad. Finishing 3rd isn’t pitiful either, it’s not a disaster.

You were only four or five seconds away for a long time…
On the second lap, at the bottom of the big hill, just before the stairs, I grabbed a shovel. I slipped. I don’t know what I did, my wheel slipped. I quickly left, I tried not to worry. But when you fall like that, especially on the tarmac, it still stings a little when you get up… When you’re five or ten seconds down like that, it’s complicated. There wasn’t much elevation and it was a lot of twists and turns. The circuit was fairly flat, despite a few small hills. It was still a great race, these are circuits that also suit other riders, and I don’t hate that either.

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This fall, perhaps it was the few seconds he missed to return?

Yes, like the small mechanical problem and my few errors. I have regrets but it’s not that serious. It is also a lesson for the rest of the season.

Is winning the World Cup a goal?
Why not. During a cyclo-cross season, everyone prepares for the European Championship, the World Championship… The World Cup rounds, I think they are more preparation races for each one. We work with the shape of the moment. We’ll see in the next rounds, I’ll try to do better. It’s not the biggest goal of the season but we’ll see. The next round will be in Dublin, I don’t know what it will look like. I hope there will be some elevation change because I like it.

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