Casademont Zaragoza suffers a surprising defeat against BC Kalev/Cramo in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup

Casademont Zaragoza Suffers First Defeat in FIBA Europe Cup Group Stage

This Tuesday, Casademont Zaragoza experienced a disappointing loss in the group stage of the FIBA Europe Cup (71-78). Despite already securing their spot in the next phase as the group leaders, the Aragonese team squandered a 17-point lead against BC Kalev/Cramo, ultimately allowing the Estonian team to claim a well-deserved victory. The match was marred by significant injuries on both sides, with Santi Yusta and Sulejmanovic forced to withdraw.

A Game of Equality in the First Quarter

The first quarter saw a closely contested battle between the two teams. Casademont Zaragoza’s efforts were led by Cinciarini (6 points), Sulemajnovic, and Watt (both with 4 points). However, despite their strong performance, the Aragonese team failed to take the lead by the end of the first ten minutes (18-18). The second quarter showcased the best moments for Casademont Zaragoza, with Dejan Kravic (13 points at halftime) and Miguel Gonzalez (10 points) leading the team to a dominant offensive and defensive display. They amassed 30 points in this period, allowing them to enter halftime with a significant lead (48-34).

A Drastic Turn of Events

Despite holding a comfortable 17-point lead over BC Kalev/Cramo (57-40) after a basket from Mitchell Watt, Casademont Zaragoza’s fortunes took a turn for the worse. The team struggled in the third period, only maintaining an eleven-point advantage (63-52) heading into the final quarter. The last quarter proved disastrous in every aspect. Casademont lost their rhythm and managed to score a mere two points in the first five minutes. To make matters worse, both Yusta and Sulejmanovic had to leave the court due to ankle injuries. BC Kalev/Cramo capitalized on Casademont’s disconnection, taking a six-point lead (70-76) with less than a minute and a half remaining. Porfirio Fisac, the team’s coach, called for a timeout in an attempt to regroup.


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  1. Wow, what a stunning upset for Casademont Zaragoza! They must be disappointed by their defeat against BC Kalev/Cramo in the FIBA Europe Cup. It just goes to show that anything can happen in basketball.

  2. It’s always shocking to see a strong team like Casademont Zaragoza suffer a surprising defeat against BC Kalev/Cramo in the FIBA Europe Cup. A tough loss for Zaragoza, but it only goes to show that no team should be taken lightly in these competitions.

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