Carlos García Cuenca leads the technical team of the Spanish women’s team for the pre-Olympic and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Carlos García Cuenca Takes on Leadership Role for Spanish Women’s Senior Hockey Team

Carlos García Cuenca has accepted the challenge of leading the technical team of the Spanish women’s senior hockey team. Together with Edu Aguilar, his main objective is to compete in the pre-Olympic tournament held in Valencia from January 13 to 21, with the aim of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and competing against the world’s best teams.

Coaches with Extensive Experience

Both coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in national and international women’s hockey. Carlos García Cuenca, an FIH Coach Elite, is highly qualified and will bring his expertise and winning character to the team. Edu Aguilar, the first coach of the women’s Country Club and an Olympic player and coach, will provide valuable support in achieving their goals.

Potential Collaboration with Santi Freixa

The Federation is currently in talks with Santi Freixa to collaborate with the technical team. The goal is for Freixa, the assistant coach of Bloemendaal HC, to join Carlos García Cuenca and Edu Aguilar in their mission to lead the Spanish women’s hockey team to the pre-Olympic tournament in Valencia.

Pre-Olympic as the Primary Focus

The new RFEH staff will work with a group of 32 players to prepare for the Valencia pre-Olympic tournament. Concentrations and training sessions have been planned from October to January to ensure the team is well-prepared for the competition.

Carlos García Cuenca’s Perspective

“This position is the goal, the dream, and the passion of any professional in our sport. I am thrilled to have achieved it. While I have mixed feelings due to the change in leadership, I am happy and confident. We will work together closely, creating a positive and competitive environment within the team.”

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Eduardo Aguilar’s Thoughts

“I am delighted to continue working with the Spanish women’s team and contribute to our main objective of qualifying for the Olympic Games. Carlos is an excellent candidate for this challenge, and his experience and respect among the players will be invaluable. We need the support of Spanish hockey throughout this journey.”

Santi Deo’s Statement

“We are thrilled that Carlos García Cuenca and Eduardo Aguilar have accepted the challenge of leading the Spanish women’s hockey team. Their experience and knowledge will greatly contribute to our goal of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics in the pre-Olympic tournament held in Valencia.”

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  1. It’s inspiring to see Carlos García Cuenca taking the helm of the technical team for the Spanish women’s team. With his expertise and guidance, the team is bound to shine brightly in the pre-Olympics and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Best of luck to the team!

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