Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev: ATP Finals Turin, Italy Group A | Best Odds and Predictions

November 13, 2023 -‌ 07:30

ATP – Tour Finals Turin, Italy, ⁣Group A

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Who will win ⁤the tennis match between Carlos Alcaraz ⁢and Alexander Zverev?

The best predictions ⁤and betting odds for the match Carlos Alcaraz against Alexander Zverev of ⁤the ‍ 12/11/23 of the current season in Tour‌ Finals Turin, Italy, Group A:

  • Carlos Alcaraz ⁢has a 62.68% chance ⁢of victory against⁣ Alexander‌ Zverev according to 1xbet⭐ with the odds of​ 1.46.
  • There is a probability of 37.32% ‌⭐ for Alexander‌ Zverev’s ⁤victory vs⁣ Carlos Alcaraz with odds‌ of 2.75 ​ in Bet365.

Carlo’s performances Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev

The ‍latest results by Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev

Carlos Alcaraz Latest​ results

Oct 31 2023 – Paris, France

Roman Safiullin

2 : 0

Carlos Alcaraz

Oct 11 2023 -‍ Shanghai,‌ China

Carlos Alcaraz

1 :⁣ 2

Grigor Dimitrov

Oct 9 2023‌ – Shanghai, China

Carlos Alcaraz

2 : 0

Daniel Evans

Oct 7 ‍2023 – Shanghai, China

Carlos Alcaraz

2 : 0

Gregoire Barrere

Oct 3‌ 2023 – Beijing, China

Carlos Alcaraz

0 ⁣: 2

Jannik Sinner

Oct 2 2023 – ⁣Beijing, China

Carlos Alcaraz

2 : 0

Casper Ruud

Alexander⁤ Zverev Latest ⁤results

Nov‌ 2 2023 – Paris, France

Stefanos Tsitsipas

2 ‍: 0

Alexander Zverev

Nov ‍1 2023 – Paris,⁣ France

Ugo Humbert

1 : 2

Alexander Zverev

Oct 31 ⁣2023 ⁣- Paris, France

Marton Fucsovics

1 : 2

Alexander Zverev

Oct 27⁤ 2023 – Erste Bank Open

Alexander Zverev

1 : 2

Andrey Rublev

Oct 25 2023 ⁤- Erste Bank Open

Alexander Zverev

2 ⁣: 0

Cameron Norrie

Oct⁣ 23 2023 – Erste⁣ Bank Open

Alexander Zverev

2 : 0

Sebastian Ofner

Match ‌historys between Carlos​ Alcaraz ⁣and Alexander Zverev

Sep 6 2023‍ – US‍ Open

Carlos Alcaraz

3 : 0

Alexander Zverev

May 2 2023 – Madrid, Spain

Carlos‍ Alcaraz

2 : ​ 0

Alexander Zverev

May 31 2022 – ⁣Roland Garros

Alexander Zverev

3 : 1

Carlos Alcaraz

May 8 2022 – Madrid, Spain

Carlos Alcaraz

2 ⁢:‌ 0

Alexander Zverev

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2 Responses

  1. “Both players are in excellent form, but Zverev’s experience on the big stage might give him the edge. Nevertheless, Alcaraz’s youth and talent make this matchup a must-watch. Exciting game ahead!”

  2. Carlos Alcaraz vs Alexander Zverev: A Battle of the Best at ATP Finals Turin, Italy Group A

    This match is set to be an exhilarating clash between two incredible talents. With Carlos Alcaraz showing his fearless and relentless spirit on the court, and Alexander Zverev’s powerful game, it’s hard to predict the outcome. Both players have proven their worth, making it anyone’s game. Tennis fans are in for a treat!

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