Carlos Alcaraz Opens Up About Recent Losing Streak: Mental Fatigue to Blame

Carlos Alcaraz Reflects on⁤ Recent Losses​ and Attributes Them to Mental Fatigue

Carlos Alcaraz,​ a ⁢rising star in the ATP circuit, is currently facing⁤ a challenging phase with three⁤ consecutive losses. In an ‍interview with special envoys in ​Turin, the Spaniard opened up ‍about the reasons behind his recent slump. Alcaraz believes that mental fatigue is the primary cause ⁤for his poor performance. ⁣He acknowledges the demanding nature of the year and ⁢emphasizes⁤ the need to improve his mental state to overcome ‌this setback. Alcaraz expressed his determination to handle ⁣the pressure ⁣better and acknowledged that he still has a lot to ​learn in this regard.

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  1. It’s refreshing to see a young talent like Carlos Alcaraz being honest about the challenges he’s facing. Mental fatigue can impact even the best athletes, so I hope he takes the necessary time to recharge and come back stronger than ever.

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