Campazzo becomes the undisputed leader of Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s Unbeatable Streak Continues

The Croatian player surrenders to the great moment that one of his teammates is going through.

Real Madrid: The Fittest Team in Europe

Real Madrid is proving to be the most complete team in all of Europe, as reflected by their unbeaten record in all competitions. With 15 wins in 15 games, they have made a spectacular start to the season, breaking records along the way. One player, in particular, stands out among the rest – Mario Hezonja. He has openly praised the signing of Facundo Campazzo, acknowledging the impact he has had on the team’s success.

In an interview on ‘Tirando a Fallar’ program on ‘esRadio’, Hezonja stated, “With Facundo Campazzo, we have signed the best player available in the summer market. He takes our game to another level, finding everyone on the court and making us play better and faster, which is crucial in modern basketball.”

Campazzo’s return to Real Madrid has provided the team with the missing element they needed in previous seasons. The Argentine point guard has seamlessly integrated back into the team, showcasing outstanding performance. Real Madrid made a conscious decision to bring in Campazzo during the summer, fully aware of the immense contribution he would make. The combination of Campazzo’s arrival and the existing talent on the team has created an explosive mixture.

A Standout Player in a Winning Streak

Real Madrid is currently enjoying a remarkable winning streak, triumphing in the Super Cup and leading both the ACB and Euroleague. While all the players are contributing to the team’s success, Campazzo has emerged as the team’s guiding light.

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His teammates are thrilled with his presence on the court, knowing that his performance will elevate the rest of the team. Hezonja is the latest to acknowledge the exceptional form Campazzo is in.


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  1. Campazzo’s rise as the undisputed leader of Real Madrid comes as no surprise. His tenacity, skill, and vision on the court have solidified his role as the team’s driving force. With him in command, Real Madrid is in safe hands.

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