Breogán Secures Second Victory of the Season in ACB Match against Joventut Badalona

Breogán Secures Second Victory of the Season in ACB League

Lugo’s CB Río Breogán Defeats Joventut Badalona

Lugo. Endesa ACB League. Provincial Pazo dos Deportes. Matchday 9. CB Río Breogán – Joventut Badalona. Photos: Carlos Castro/ACB Photo

Breogán alleviated its serious crisis by clinching their second victory of the season in the ACB League on matchday nine. They achieved this feat against a Joventut Badalona team that continues to struggle with numerous injuries and poor performance. Despite putting up a fight, Joventut fell short in the final minutes of the game.

The Lugo team initially built a comfortable 16-point lead (48-32), but Guillem Vives and Andrew Andrews kept Joventut alive with their impressive performances. Joventut’s zonal defense posed challenges for Breoganista attack, raising doubts about their ability to secure the win.

Veljko Mrsic, the coach of Breogán, called a timeout after a 2-11 run by Joventut, reducing the deficit to seven points (50-43). However, the zonal defense continued to stifle Breogán’s offense, and the hot hands of Andrews and Vives added to their woes. Joventut managed to regain control of the scoreboard, leading 61-67 after five consecutive points from Pep Busquets.

Mrsic took a risk by fielding a small lineup against Joventut’s zone defense. Four consecutive three-pointers, three from Momirov and one from Jogéla, brought the game to a tie with just over three minutes remaining (73-73). Joventut struggled to find their rhythm on offense, while Sergi García’s layup and another three-pointer from Jogéla extended Breogán’s lead. Carles Duran, the coach of Joventut, called a timeout (78-73), but this time Río Breogán held on to secure the victory they desperately needed.

Match Statistics:

85 – Breogán River (15+28+13+29): Erik Quintela, Jogela (12), Anderson (4), Juan Fernández (18), and Sajus (2) – starting team – Sergi Quintela (11), Momirov (17), Rudan (10), Mouhamet Diouf (4), Sergi García (7), Polite, and Ventura.

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77 – Joventut Badalona (19+13+23+22): Thomas (13), Vives (8), Busquets (11), Andrews (23), and Prey (12) – starting team – Kraag (1), Chery (1), Pau Ribas (5), and Ruzic (3).


Unicaja Stages Comeback Victory against Bàsquet Girona

Unicaja emerged victorious with a score of 78-82 in a thrilling game against Bàsquet Girona. Despite trailing for most of the match, Unicaja managed to turn the tables and secure the win, while Bàsquet Girona squandered a 17-point lead in the third quarter.

78 – Bàsquet Girona (23+25+14+16): Iroegbu (27), Brown (13), Martínez (6), Vila, Sorolla (6) – starting five – Pons (7), Goloman (8), Davis (5), Susinskas (3), Colom (3), Djordjevic, and Fjellerup.

82 – Unicaja (16+21+20+25): Perry (6), Djedovic (2), Barreiro (2), Thomas (5), Kravish (6) – starting five – Díaz (4), Taylor (12), Sima (7), Ejim (13), Carter (10), Kalinoski (7), Osetkoswki (8).


UCAM Murcia Secures Sixth Win, Palencia Suffers Defeat

UCAM Murcia emerged victorious in their game against Palencia, securing their sixth win in nine games. The defeat pushed Palencia into a relegation position with a dismal record of 1-8.

66 – Zunder Palencia (20+18+18+10): Whittington (2), Ortega (5), Brown (10), Benite (14), and Pasecniks (14) – starting five – Franke, Haarms (4), Van der Vuurst (6), Kamba, Manu Rodríguez (6), Ubal, and Ndiaye (5).

76 – UCAM Murcia (21+19+19+17): Kurucs (2), Sleva (4), Hakanson (7), Ennis (16), and Birgander (18) – starting five – Sant-Roos (2), Caupain (9), Radovic (4), McFadden (10), Sakho (4), Diagne, and Jelínek.

Manresa Claims Victory against MoraBanc Andorra

Manresa emerged victorious in their game against MoraBanc Andorra.

86 – MoraBanc Andorra (23+12+24+27): Starks (5), Borg (11), Okoye (10), ‘Tyson’ Pérez (22), and Marin Maric (13) – starting five – Montero (6), Andric (4), Somogyi, Juan Rubio (3), Dos Anjos (4), and Harding (8).

90 – BAXI Manresa (25+24+15+26): Badio (15), Taylor (14), Robinson (19), Musa Sagnia, and Geben (2) – starting five – Valtonen (7), Steinbergs (12), Travante Williams (5), Dani Pérez (12), Coulibaly (2), and Oriola (2).



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  1. “Congratulations to Breogán on their impressive win against Joventut Badalona! It’s great to see them secure their second victory of the season in the ACB match. With this strong performance, they are surely proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the fantastic work, Breogán!”

  2. Well done to Breogán for securing their second victory of the season against Joventut Badalona in the ACB match. Great performance!

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