Brazil’s Dominant Victory at the Indonesia U-17 World Cup

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    Nov 14, 2023, 10:00 ET

    With Victory, Brazil Secures First Three Points in Indonesia

    With nine goals and a hat trick from Kaua Elias, the defending under-17 world champion, Brazil, dominated New Caledonia in the U-17 World Cup in Indonesia.

    Brazil, after a disappointing comeback against Iran in their debut, needed a victory and made several changes in their lineup. The team showed absolute superiority throughout the match, with 77 shots on goal. However, their aim was off, with only one goal out of 16 shots reaching the net.

    The breakthrough came in the 28th minute when midfielder Rayan scored a header from a corner kick. Estevao added a second goal with a fantastic long-range shot in the 39th minute. Luighi extended the lead just before halftime.

    New Caledonia struggled to withstand the pressure and failed to threaten Brazil’s defense. In the second half, Kaua Elias scored his first goal with a powerful header. Rayan converted a penalty to make it 5-0, and the floodgates opened. Victor Reis, Joao Victor, and Kaua Elias added more goals to complete the dominant performance.

    With this victory, Brazil secured their first three points in Indonesia, putting them on par with England and Iran. Meanwhile, New Caledonia suffered their second defeat and is virtually eliminated from the championship.

    Data Sheet:

    9. Brazil: Matheus Correa; Pedro Lima, Vitor Reis, Joao Victor, Joao Henrique (d.75, Souza); Rayan (m.59, Riquelme Fillipi), Dudu (m.59, Matheus Ferreira), Sidney (m.59, Guilherme Batista), Luighi, Estevao (m.59, Lorran); Kaua Elias. Coach: Phelipe Leal.

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    0. New Caledonia: Nicolas Kutran; Gregory Diko, Wadria Hanye, Joseph Hnaissilin; Inine Huna (d.62, Numa Panami), Baptiste Kutran, Anthony Levy (d.62, Simon Ue), Jytrhim Upa; Bayron Gohoupe (m.73, David Cahma), Jean-Yves Saiko (Jean-Philippe Angexetine), Paul Qaeze (m.87, Mael Raban-Grangier. Coach: Leonardo López.

    Goals: 1-0, m.28: Rayan. 2-0, m.39: Estevao. 3-0, m.44: Luighi. 4-0, m.46: Kaua Elias. 5-0, m.51: Rayan. 6-0, m.56: Vitor Reis. 7-0, m.61, Joao Victor. 8-0: m.86, Kaua Elias. 9-0, m.90+4: Kaua Elias.

    Referee: Pierre Ghislain Atcho, from Gabon. He booked Huna and Paul Qaeze of New Caledonia and Matheus Ferreira and Souza of Brazil.

    Incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of the group stage of Group C of the U-17 World Cup, played at the Jakarta International Stadium, in Indonesia, in front of 4,529 spectators.


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    1. “Congratulations to Brazil’s talented U-17 team on their dominant victory at the Indonesia World Cup! Their impressive display of skills and teamwork is truly commendable. They have shown great potential and have undoubtedly made their country proud.”

    2. “Brazil’s U-17 team showcased their sheer dominance at the Indonesia World Cup, leaving no doubt about their football prowess. Congratulations to the talented Brazilian youngsters on their resounding victory!”

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